Welcome to Our Blog Page. Here's where we get to show off our ongoing work and our Amazing Clients.  You'll mostly find Wedding Days here but occasionally we'll throw in another shoot especially during slower times in the year.  

Blogging is where we Celebrate Weddings all over again and a place where future Brides & Grooms can get a better idea of what our Full Day Packages can look like.  These are a small sample of the 700+ pictures we edit for every couple but a good representation of the heart behind each and every picture we shoot!

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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Macie & Ryan | The Lodge At River Valley Farm

Macie & Ryan September 10th, 2022 The Lodge at River Valley Farm Saturday, September 10th was a New Venue for us and Obviously New People. We were working with a New Video Team and I'm just a couple of Weddings deep with my new Assistant, Jill... so it should have felt... new... uneasy etc right? Well, the day was the exact opposite of that! I...
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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Angelea & Zach | Avon Gardens

Angelea & Zach August 5th, 2022 Avon Gardens, Avon, IN I feel like every time we shoot a Wedding at Avon Gardens I want to start my Blog with "It felt like a Fairy Tale Wedding!" Its just such a stunning venue and our Day with Angelea & Zach was one of the best ever! Now... I have to say... It was HOT! Like 90 degrees and 80% humidity HOT! But...
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Indiana Wedding Photography | Erin & Travis | Fair Oaks Farms

Erin & Travis July 16th, 2022 Fair Oaks Farms, Northern Indiana Oh Gosh... What can we say... Where can we start? We met Erin & Travis at our own daughter's wedding. They were guests and great family friends of our Son-in-Law's family and we just watched them and enjoyed them as they danced and danced all night long. Chatting with parents and fr...
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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Hailey & Kyle | Bash

Hailey & Kyle June 18th, 2022 Coxhill Gardens & Bash We love the relationships we build with Families and when that turns into multiple Weddings we're 100% in! I remember shooting pictures of Hailey & Kyle at Sara & Eric's Wedding. I remember watching them dance and the multiple conversations with people who said "They're next!" While the connec...
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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Katie & Mark | Barn at Bay Horse Inn

Katie & Mark May 28th, 2022 The Barn at Bay Horse Inn We had the best day with Katie & Mark! They both have deep connections with one of our favorite families and they actually met at a previous wedding that we shot! Hanging out on their Wedding Day just felt like a continuation of all our previous days together! We LOVE shooting at The Barn...
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