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Erin & Travis

July 16th, 2022

Fair Oaks Farms, Northern Indiana

Oh Gosh... What can we say... Where can we start?  We met Erin & Travis at our own daughter's wedding.  They were guests and great family friends of our Son-in-Law's family and we just watched them and enjoyed them as they danced and danced all night long.  Chatting with parents and friends we soon learned that they were superstars in the local community and deeply loved by everyone.

We spent some more time together shooting some Engagement Pictures last November and then it was Wedding Day!  Everything about these two is amazing from how they met and moved from other states to be neighbors, to each of their individual life stories as they've been an integral part of their local community.  I think JB, Erin's Dad said it best at the reception, "Everyone's Life has been made better by knowing these two!"  I know that we've been changed for the better just by knowing them!

Thanks to Erin & Travis and the Winkle/Lockwood families for such an amazing day.  It was incredibly beautiful from start to finish and every single guest, family member and friend we met were just the sweetest of people who deeply loved these two!

We could go on and on, but here's a selection of pictures with lots more to come soon!


Dr. Emma Lou Linn(non-registered)
The most beautiful wedding I’ve ever seen. A perfect union of the most lovely, delightful, kind, and perfect couple in the world! Dr. Emma Lou Linn
Dottie Parr(non-registered)
Congratulations and best wishes to the beautiful bride and handsome groom!
Ann, you look stunning! Hard to believe that our kids are so grown up. Give our love to Travis & his lovely bride. AuntDottie & Casey
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