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Angelea & Zach

August 5th, 2022

Avon Gardens, Avon, IN

I feel like every time we shoot a Wedding at Avon Gardens I want to start my Blog with "It felt like a Fairy Tale Wedding!"  Its just such a stunning venue and our Day with Angelea & Zach was one of the best ever!  Now... I have to say... It was HOT!  Like 90 degrees and 80% humidity HOT!  But outside of us all just being sweaty messes, it really didn't affect anything.  We had the most beautiful light and just enough breeze and the flowers... Wow... the flowers!

Another thing that happens at Avon Gardens is that we always seem to have the sweetest of couples.  It must be that it takes a certain type of person to love what the Gardens offer and maybe they just collect color loving, nature loving, twinkle light loving, lantern loving types of couple, but gosh... We just loved our day with Angelea & Zach!

I've included a picture here of their First Look... and this should tell you a lot about their relationship because if you just saw this picture of Zach seeing Angelea for the first time you might ask... why's he looking at her like that!  Haha!

Here's the thing!  Angelea told everyone in her life that she was making her Wedding Dress.  She even allowed Zach to watch her making parts of it to throw him off of the real plan.  Nobody in her life knew that she'd already found the dress of her dreams and she was keeping it a secret from not only Zach... but everyone!  So Zach turns around and you can totally read his mind... "That's not the dress she's been making!"  Ha ha!  It was one of the best Bridal Pranks ever!

Lots and lots more Amazing Things from their day but I'll just let the pictures tell the story.  There's a whole lot more pictures coming but here's a good collection of our favorites from their day!  

Thanks so much for trusting us with your Photography!  We had the best day with you and your Family & Guests!!



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