Hello! We're Matt & Jen, a husband/wife team and we wanted to thank you for looking through our portfolio! We're excited to offer our combined passion for people and style in a photography experience that is just plain fun! We're thankful you found us and we're looking forward to meeting you!

We’ve worked hard to develop a style of shooting and editing pictures that is attractive and desired in today’s market place. We are constantly growing and trying new things and are very open to suggestions and ideas that may be beyond our current portfolio. We’d love to work with you to make pictures that truly represent your life and personality. Please feel free to ask us to try something new. We love the challenge!

Producing professional photographs involves many hours of work beyond the time you’ll spend with us. We have thousands of dollars invested in equipment and software, hundreds of hours of training and we’ll spend many more hours editing your photos then taking them. We understand that most of this goes unnoticed with online galleries full of beautiful pictures but we truly believe that what we offer is as good a product as you can find anywhere.

In additional to post-shoot retouching, Jen is a professional makeup artist and can work with girls and women prior to the shoot to create just the look you want. Her artistic touch, developed through years of working for Chanel , has given her a heart for finding inner beauty and expressing it externally. You’ll be blessed by sitting down with her and amazed at what she can find and bring out in your smile and eyes. She offers pre-shoot makeup and will be available to touch up makeup during the shoot if need be.

Most importantly, this business is built on a desire to meet and work with friends to capture beautiful moments. It started with a personal desire for our own family, developed into a passion and was built by God into the business it is now. We commit our work to His service and passionately feel that by serving you, we are serving our Lord. Our desire is to build a relationship with each person we photograph that continues for many years and sessions to come!


Matt & Jen