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November 1st, 2021 & 2022

The Barn at Chapel Creek, Venice, Florida

We LOVE traveling for Weddings!  I love exploring fun new places and I love the challenge of fitting everything that I need to shoot a Wedding inside of a suitcase!  We've done it a lot and we got to do it again a few weeks ago for a really special Wedding!

Cortney was our Intern during her Senior Year of High School and she spent 3 days a week with us for an entire year.  When you work from home it literally meant she became a part of our family for an entire year and we loved it.  We spent a lot of time talking about photography and giving her skill set a bump but also brought her just about everywhere we went to shoot that year including several weddings where she got to both shoot pictures and video for us!

Jump ahead several years and we were so thankful to be invited to fly to Florida and shoot her Wedding.  I wish we'd gotten to spend more than 4 days getting to know Ian but I have to say, what a great guy and we just really enjoyed the time we had with him.  Cortney's Mom put us up in their home so we got to do all the family things as we prepared for the day.  I got to walk around their lake and meet a live alligator and we also got to view some of the damage from the Hurricane.  Thankfully the Venue was able to clean up nicely and honestly things looked great on the day of the Celebration.

This was actually a 1yr Anniversary Celebration as they had a small wedding a year ago as Ian was preparing to deploy with the Navy.  They wanted to have their big day, put on the dress, walk down the aisle and dance the night away so on a Tuesday night, on their 1st Anniversary, we got to Celebrate in a really beautiful way with them.

Congrats to you Both.  We really enjoyed our time with you and are super excited to share pictures!  Blessings & Blessings and we can't wait to see you again soon!


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Ft Wayne Wedding Photography | Jordan & Corey | The Paper Mill on the Landing Jordan & Corey

October 21st, 2022

The Paper Mill on the Landing

I don't even really know where to start because... well... it started just a few days after she was born and my heart for this precious Bride has done nothing but grown and grown over the years.  Most of the time, as photographers we don't really want to shoot Family Weddings because we want to be present and celebrate with everyone but I'll be honest, I would have been totally bummed if Jordan hadn't asked me to shoot her Wedding.  I care so much about how her pictures turn out, it would have been difficult to watch someone else shoot the day!

So... that out of the way.  I've known her Mom since the day she was born and this day was such a beautiful celebration of all the things a Family walks through as we grow!  We couldn't have asked for a more amazing venue, weather, friends and family and of course Jordan and Corey were perfect!  Absolutely Perfect!

Y'all... she wore a Black Wedding Dress and it was Stunning!!!  They didn't do most of the normal wedding day things and we didn't miss them at all.  What we did do was honor lives and hearts and service and persistence and the blood, sweat and tears that it takes to raise two kids from childhood to married adults and just about everyone who's been meaningful to them both were with us Celebrating!

I could go on and on talking about the day but the pictures will tell a much better story.  This is a collection of some of our most Favorite shots from the day and there's lots and lots more coming in just a few weeks.

Jordan & Corey Thank You!  We LOVED every moment of Your Day!

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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Erin & Scott | Fountain Square Theater Erin & Scott

Friday September 30th, 2022

Fountain Square Theater

Gosh we LOVE shooting at the Fountain Square Theater!  Its been one of our Favs for years and then when you throw in a Crazy Musical Couple and a room full of Current & Former High School and College Show Choir Kids with a Live Band... well... I probably don't even need to type the rest of this Blog!  Ha ha!

We had the Best Day with Erin, Scott, their kids and friends and family and as always, it doesn't get better than standing here under the lights flanked by Movie Posters with their picture and the marque flashing their names!  The whole day was magical and the dance floor was packed out the entire night thanks to The Groove Essential Band!

So many pictures to share so here's a small sample and we'll have their entire gallery done soon!  Thanks Guys!  We LOVED our day with you.  Congrats and Thanks for choosing Matthew Doudt Photography!

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Indianapolis Brunch Wedding Photographer | Heather & Patrick | Vision Loft Heather & Patrick

September 24th, 2022

Vision Loft - Indianapolis

Ok!  So maybe my new favorite Wedding Idea is BRUNCH!!!  What an amazing day!  We started the morning at 7am with some hair, makeup, decorating and detail shots while I got to know everyone and check out the amazing Vision Loft Event Space!  Such a fun space for a smaller wedding and it was perfect for this Wedding Brunch.  I loved that we got to shoot during the transition from moody early morning into full bright sunny day!  

Lots and lots of great things here to see!  Thanks so much to you both for trusting me, even though we'd never met!  We made some amazing pictures together and this is just a sample. There's lots more coming in just a few days!

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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Macie & Ryan | The Lodge At River Valley Farm Macie & Ryan

September 10th, 2022

The Lodge at River Valley Farm

Saturday, September 10th was a New Venue for us and Obviously New People.  We were working with a New Video Team and I'm just a couple of Weddings deep with my new Assistant, Jill... so it should have felt... new... uneasy etc right?  Well, the day was the exact opposite of that!  It felt like an entire day of hanging out with Our Kind of People!

I have a 30 year connection to the Bride through her Mom, Leanne who went to college with me and it seemed like half the Wedding Party went to Manchester University... which is where I met her Mom.  The Venue was stunning, easy to get around in, filled with amazing photo locations and the staff was just perfect!  

Best Yet, Macie & Ryan were just about as fun of a couple as you could ever ask for.  They were so excited and joy filled, surrounded by people who loved them and so easy to work with.

We had the best weather and the rain held off until we were driving home!  It was just a perfect day filled with so many beautiful moments.  Here's a bunch of our Favorite Pictures from the day but blog limitations made us even cut a bunch we wanted to include.  Full Gallery is coming soon but until that's finished, here's a bit of Macie & Ryan's Wedding Day!

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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Angelea & Zach | Avon Gardens Angelea & Zach

August 5th, 2022

Avon Gardens, Avon, IN

I feel like every time we shoot a Wedding at Avon Gardens I want to start my Blog with "It felt like a Fairy Tale Wedding!"  Its just such a stunning venue and our Day with Angelea & Zach was one of the best ever!  Now... I have to say... It was HOT!  Like 90 degrees and 80% humidity HOT!  But outside of us all just being sweaty messes, it really didn't affect anything.  We had the most beautiful light and just enough breeze and the flowers... Wow... the flowers!

Another thing that happens at Avon Gardens is that we always seem to have the sweetest of couples.  It must be that it takes a certain type of person to love what the Gardens offer and maybe they just collect color loving, nature loving, twinkle light loving, lantern loving types of couple, but gosh... We just loved our day with Angelea & Zach!

I've included a picture here of their First Look... and this should tell you a lot about their relationship because if you just saw this picture of Zach seeing Angelea for the first time you might ask... why's he looking at her like that!  Haha!

Here's the thing!  Angelea told everyone in her life that she was making her Wedding Dress.  She even allowed Zach to watch her making parts of it to throw him off of the real plan.  Nobody in her life knew that she'd already found the dress of her dreams and she was keeping it a secret from not only Zach... but everyone!  So Zach turns around and you can totally read his mind... "That's not the dress she's been making!"  Ha ha!  It was one of the best Bridal Pranks ever!

Lots and lots more Amazing Things from their day but I'll just let the pictures tell the story.  There's a whole lot more pictures coming but here's a good collection of our favorites from their day!  

Thanks so much for trusting us with your Photography!  We had the best day with you and your Family & Guests!!


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Indiana Wedding Photography | Erin & Travis | Fair Oaks Farms Erin & Travis

July 16th, 2022

Fair Oaks Farms, Northern Indiana

Oh Gosh... What can we say... Where can we start?  We met Erin & Travis at our own daughter's wedding.  They were guests and great family friends of our Son-in-Law's family and we just watched them and enjoyed them as they danced and danced all night long.  Chatting with parents and friends we soon learned that they were superstars in the local community and deeply loved by everyone.

We spent some more time together shooting some Engagement Pictures last November and then it was Wedding Day!  Everything about these two is amazing from how they met and moved from other states to be neighbors, to each of their individual life stories as they've been an integral part of their local community.  I think JB, Erin's Dad said it best at the reception, "Everyone's Life has been made better by knowing these two!"  I know that we've been changed for the better just by knowing them!

Thanks to Erin & Travis and the Winkle/Lockwood families for such an amazing day.  It was incredibly beautiful from start to finish and every single guest, family member and friend we met were just the sweetest of people who deeply loved these two!

We could go on and on, but here's a selection of pictures with lots more to come soon!

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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Hailey & Kyle | Bash Hailey & Kyle

June 18th, 2022

Coxhill Gardens & Bash 

We love the relationships we build with Families and when that turns into multiple Weddings we're 100% in!  I remember shooting pictures of Hailey & Kyle at Sara & Eric's Wedding.  I remember watching them dance and the multiple conversations with people who said "They're next!"  While the connection slipped my mind during their Snowy Engagement Session, it was so great to see everyone on the Wedding Day and both reconnect and meet new members of the family!

We had a great day getting ready at Coxhill Mansion.  My understanding is that it was a special opportunity not granted to many and so we took the opportunity to shoot in as many places as we could!  We LOVE old things and the Mansion was Awesome!

The rest of the day was just a great party!  From an amazing Alfa Romeo Sports Car to one of the most Unique Bride Designed Two-Piece Wedding Dresses we've ever seen, this wedding day kept giving and given us great shots!

Thanks to Everyone for helping us make great pictures and we're super grateful for the Second Wedding with your Families!  Here's a collection of some of our Fav Pictures.  Lots more coming in just a few weeks!


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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Katie & Mark | Barn at Bay Horse Inn Katie & Mark

May 28th, 2022

The Barn at Bay Horse Inn

We had the best day with Katie & Mark!  They both have deep connections with one of our favorite families and they actually met at a previous wedding that we shot!  Hanging out on their Wedding Day just felt like a continuation of all our previous days together!  

We LOVE shooting at The Barn at Bay Horse Inn and we really enjoyed the "getting ready time" at their onsite Air B&B!  Super cute Cabin nestled in the woods.  

We had great weather & beautiful skies! A Wedding Party that was fun and filled with deep & lengthy friendships.  Awesome backgrounds for pictures and a great DJ who kept the party going and going!

Congrats to Katie & Mark!  We LOVE you guys and are so thankful that you included us in your Best Day Ever!  Here's a small collection of our favorite pictures.  More coming soon!

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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Sara & Ore | Downtown Indianapolis Sara & Ore

May 14th, 2022

Hyatt Regency

Sacred Heart Catholic Church


What a Crazy Fun Day!  Its been a bit since we've had a three venue day and it always amazes me when we have such a complex day and then rain and it still comes off perfectly!  

There's so many things we could talk about from a DIY/Creative standpoint.  Unicorn Shoes with blinking lights, Tamborine designed Bouquets, really fun gifts, mini-me cake topper and so much more.  It was a day to look at Everything and just appreciate the Creative Spirit!

Our day started at the Hyatt Regency downtown Indy and then we move to Sacred Heart Catholic Church for the Ceremony and a few pictures.  We ended the day downtown Indy at the Rathskeller Restaurant for the Reception & Pictures.

So many amazing things and sweet collection of really amazing people!  Here's a bunch of pictures.  Lots more to come but enjoy these for now!

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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Alexis & Brock | Bradley Hall Alexis & Brock

May 7th, 2022

Bradley Hall Events, Greenfield, Indiana

The Story of how we got connected with Alexis and Brock is a bit complicated but gosh are we thankful!  What an amazing day with some really amazing people in a new venue for us to explore and find fun backgrounds.  There's so many stories surrounding every wedding day and we loved hearing about Brock's Father and the family heritage that led to the guys wearing Kilts!  Every Wedding with Bagpipes is Awesome and then throw in swords, daggers and Kilts along with a Stunning Bride (who's an identical twin) and its kind of the day of Fairytales and Lore!  We had a blast hanging out early with the Ladies during hair and makeup.  Exploring a new building and downtown Greenfield was also fun!  

I'm pretty sure that Alexis and Brock are a match made in heaven and so thankful we could be here at the beginning of their Happily Ever After Story!

Here's a small selection of their entire gallery!  Enjoy!  The rest of the pictures will be coming soon!

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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Ashton & Jacob | White Willow Farms Ashton & Jacob

April 16th, 2022

White Willow Farms

April Weddings in Indiana... it could be 75 degrees or snowing and it might be the opposite tomorrow!  We got super lucky with Ashton and Jacob's day.  Outside of a little windy we had a really amazing warm and sunny day on a beautiful barn property just North of Indy.

White Willow Farms is a great place for a Wedding and the inside of the barn is just stunning!  We spent our entire day on property with all the getting ready taking place in the Bridal Suites and then a Private First Look at the Ceremony Site.  Pictures all around and then it was time for a Wedding!

It was a great day and our first ever wedding with a Ukulele!  Live Band for dancing and lots of amazing kids running around!  We love working with Wedding Coordinators and it was great working with Jessica from Better Together Events!

Here's a selection of pictures from Ashton & Jacob's Wedding Day.  Lots more pictures coming soon!  Thanks for including us in your day!

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Kentucky Wedding Photography | Tiffany & Evan | Paducah Kentucky Wedding Tiffany & Evan

November 13th, 2021

Paducah, Kentucky

The 1857 Hotel

I feel like we keep saying it but dang, this Wedding was a long one coming!  We first met Tiffany and Evan early in 2019 and we were super excited when they asked us to be a part of their amazing Getaway Weekend Wedding in Paducah, Kentucky in 2020.  Then comes Covid and their Fall 2020 Wedding got pushed back an entire year to this November so I think we've been talking with them about this weekend for almost 3 years now!  

Paducah, Kentucky is an amazing little town on the Ohio River about 5.5 hrs away from Indy and 100% worth the drive to go visit.  We were invited to come and spend the entire weekend with them and LOVED our First Class accommodations in the 1857 Hotel.  We've done several other destination weddings but there's nothing like being able to finish shooting a wedding and walk down the hall and fall into bed!  Ha ha!  It was the best weekend!

As you'll see from the pictures, everything in this wedding was lovingly thought out from pieces of Mom's Wedding Dress being used in Tiffany's Dress and Dad's tie to hand painted shoes for the groom and tons of DIY decorations.  From a Wedding in the same church where Evan's parents got married and the same Priest who married them to a beautiful little city with brick streets and a stunning riverwalk area.  We had Fall Colors, a lot of Shenanigans and some crazy fun dancing!

I know you really want to see the pictures, so here you go!  There's lots more coming as soon as we finish the edits!  Thanks again to Tiffany, Evan and their Families for trusting us with a Weekend of Photography and lots of great memories!

Blessings, Matt & Jen

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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Kylie & Kaiser | Conner Prairie Wedding Kylie & Kaiser

November 6th, 2021

Conner Prairie

Conner Prairie is one of those magical, mysterious places that if you've only driven by and seen the Balloon or even if you've only gone to a Concert you really have no idea of the fullness of what's inside the gates!  This is our second Conner Prairie Wedding but our first Full Access Opportunity and we loved every moment of shooting Kylie & Kaiser's Wedding.  

November Weddings are always a roll of the dice with weather but we had the most Beautiful Day for an outdoor Wedding and Pictures all over the Property and then an indoor Reception with access to the balcony/deck when things got too hot inside.  The entire Wedding Party & Parents were treated to an Amazing Ride up in the Conner Prairie Balloon!

Kylie's Dress was Stunning and the guys were all dressed in Traditional Filipino Wedding Shirts which made for some amazing pictures.  Lots of fun times and dancing once we moved inside and then a beautiful candle-lit exit into a vintage car for their getaway!

Thanks Guys for Trusting Us with your Wedding Day Pictures and Video!  We're super excited to finish your edits and get your full gallery ready in the weeks to come!  Until then, here's a selection of pictures from your day!



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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Madeline & Ezra | Vintage Oaks Banquet Barn Madeline & Ezra

Sept 25th, 2021

Vintage Oaks Banquet Barn, Delphi, IN

I don't even know what to say.  Its my own child's Wedding Day​ and I've known her for her entire life.  I've been praying for Ezra ever since Madeline show'd her first signs of strength and independence and the first time I met him, I knew he was exactly who she was supposed to tackle life with!  

We've been planning this Wedding since the day they graduated from Purdue and with an added bump of a Covid Year delay, we finally found the perfect day, for the perfect couple, in the perfect venue with all the perfect people and for the most part, I just got to relax and enjoy being Father of the Bride.

We hired 3 Amazing Photographers including Kaleigh, who we mentored through High School and College and our Great Friends Kayla & Nick.  We trusted them to capture Madeline & Ezra's Vision of Beauty, Family, Friends and Crazy Fun and they did an amazing job.

This is just 120 pictures from almost 1000 shots we're in the process of editing.  These are our Photographer's Shots with our Signature Edits and there will be so many more coming in just a few weeks!

From the Bottom of this Dad's Heart and from the rest of our Families, This was the Best Day Ever and I'm so thankful we have all of these amazing pictures to help us remember!