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June 18th, 2022

Coxhill Gardens & Bash 

We love the relationships we build with Families and when that turns into multiple Weddings we're 100% in!  I remember shooting pictures of Hailey & Kyle at Sara & Eric's Wedding.  I remember watching them dance and the multiple conversations with people who said "They're next!"  While the connection slipped my mind during their Snowy Engagement Session, it was so great to see everyone on the Wedding Day and both reconnect and meet new members of the family!

We had a great day getting ready at Coxhill Mansion.  My understanding is that it was a special opportunity not granted to many and so we took the opportunity to shoot in as many places as we could!  We LOVE old things and the Mansion was Awesome!

The rest of the day was just a great party!  From an amazing Alfa Romeo Sports Car to one of the most Unique Bride Designed Two-Piece Wedding Dresses we've ever seen, this wedding day kept giving and given us great shots!

Thanks to Everyone for helping us make great pictures and we're super grateful for the Second Wedding with your Families!  Here's a collection of some of our Fav Pictures.  Lots more coming in just a few weeks!


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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Katie & Mark | Barn at Bay Horse Inn Katie & Mark

May 28th, 2022

The Barn at Bay Horse Inn

We had the best day with Katie & Mark!  They both have deep connections with one of our favorite families and they actually met at a previous wedding that we shot!  Hanging out on their Wedding Day just felt like a continuation of all our previous days together!  

We LOVE shooting at The Barn at Bay Horse Inn and we really enjoyed the "getting ready time" at their onsite Air B&B!  Super cute Cabin nestled in the woods.  

We had great weather & beautiful skies! A Wedding Party that was fun and filled with deep & lengthy friendships.  Awesome backgrounds for pictures and a great DJ who kept the party going and going!

Congrats to Katie & Mark!  We LOVE you guys and are so thankful that you included us in your Best Day Ever!  Here's a small collection of our favorite pictures.  More coming soon!

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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Sara & Ore | Downtown Indianapolis Sara & Ore

May 14th, 2022

Hyatt Regency

Sacred Heart Catholic Church


What a Crazy Fun Day!  Its been a bit since we've had a three venue day and it always amazes me when we have such a complex day and then rain and it still comes off perfectly!  

There's so many things we could talk about from a DIY/Creative standpoint.  Unicorn Shoes with blinking lights, Tamborine designed Bouquets, really fun gifts, mini-me cake topper and so much more.  It was a day to look at Everything and just appreciate the Creative Spirit!

Our day started at the Hyatt Regency downtown Indy and then we move to Sacred Heart Catholic Church for the Ceremony and a few pictures.  We ended the day downtown Indy at the Rathskeller Restaurant for the Reception & Pictures.

So many amazing things and sweet collection of really amazing people!  Here's a bunch of pictures.  Lots more to come but enjoy these for now!

]]> (Matthew Doudt Photography) Cuban DIY Wedding Hyatt Regency indianapolis brides Indianapolis Wedding Photographer indianapolis wedding photography indy wedding photography Mass Ave Wedding Photobooth Rathskeller Sacred Heart Tamborine Bouquets wedding dress Sat, 04 Jun 2022 20:50:36 GMT
Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Alexis & Brock | Bradley Hall Alexis & Brock

May 7th, 2022

Bradley Hall Events, Greenfield, Indiana

The Story of how we got connected with Alexis and Brock is a bit complicated but gosh are we thankful!  What an amazing day with some really amazing people in a new venue for us to explore and find fun backgrounds.  There's so many stories surrounding every wedding day and we loved hearing about Brock's Father and the family heritage that led to the guys wearing Kilts!  Every Wedding with Bagpipes is Awesome and then throw in swords, daggers and Kilts along with a Stunning Bride (who's an identical twin) and its kind of the day of Fairytales and Lore!  We had a blast hanging out early with the Ladies during hair and makeup.  Exploring a new building and downtown Greenfield was also fun!  

I'm pretty sure that Alexis and Brock are a match made in heaven and so thankful we could be here at the beginning of their Happily Ever After Story!

Here's a small selection of their entire gallery!  Enjoy!  The rest of the pictures will be coming soon!

]]> (Matthew Doudt Photography) Bagpipes Bradley Hall Events Greenfield Indiana indianapolis brides indianapolis wedding photographer indianapolis wedding photography indy wedding photography Kilts swords Twin wedding dress Sun, 22 May 2022 00:11:46 GMT
Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Ashton & Jacob | White Willow Farms Ashton & Jacob

April 16th, 2022

White Willow Farms

April Weddings in Indiana... it could be 75 degrees or snowing and it might be the opposite tomorrow!  We got super lucky with Ashton and Jacob's day.  Outside of a little windy we had a really amazing warm and sunny day on a beautiful barn property just North of Indy.

White Willow Farms is a great place for a Wedding and the inside of the barn is just stunning!  We spent our entire day on property with all the getting ready taking place in the Bridal Suites and then a Private First Look at the Ceremony Site.  Pictures all around and then it was time for a Wedding!

It was a great day and our first ever wedding with a Ukulele!  Live Band for dancing and lots of amazing kids running around!  We love working with Wedding Coordinators and it was great working with Jessica from Better Together Events!

Here's a selection of pictures from Ashton & Jacob's Wedding Day.  Lots more pictures coming soon!  Thanks for including us in your day!

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Kentucky Wedding Photography | Tiffany & Evan | Paducah Kentucky Wedding Tiffany & Evan

November 13th, 2021

Paducah, Kentucky

The 1857 Hotel

I feel like we keep saying it but dang, this Wedding was a long one coming!  We first met Tiffany and Evan early in 2019 and we were super excited when they asked us to be a part of their amazing Getaway Weekend Wedding in Paducah, Kentucky in 2020.  Then comes Covid and their Fall 2020 Wedding got pushed back an entire year to this November so I think we've been talking with them about this weekend for almost 3 years now!  

Paducah, Kentucky is an amazing little town on the Ohio River about 5.5 hrs away from Indy and 100% worth the drive to go visit.  We were invited to come and spend the entire weekend with them and LOVED our First Class accommodations in the 1857 Hotel.  We've done several other destination weddings but there's nothing like being able to finish shooting a wedding and walk down the hall and fall into bed!  Ha ha!  It was the best weekend!

As you'll see from the pictures, everything in this wedding was lovingly thought out from pieces of Mom's Wedding Dress being used in Tiffany's Dress and Dad's tie to hand painted shoes for the groom and tons of DIY decorations.  From a Wedding in the same church where Evan's parents got married and the same Priest who married them to a beautiful little city with brick streets and a stunning riverwalk area.  We had Fall Colors, a lot of Shenanigans and some crazy fun dancing!

I know you really want to see the pictures, so here you go!  There's lots more coming as soon as we finish the edits!  Thanks again to Tiffany, Evan and their Families for trusting us with a Weekend of Photography and lots of great memories!

Blessings, Matt & Jen

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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Kylie & Kaiser | Conner Prairie Wedding Kylie & Kaiser

November 6th, 2021

Conner Prairie

Conner Prairie is one of those magical, mysterious places that if you've only driven by and seen the Balloon or even if you've only gone to a Concert you really have no idea of the fullness of what's inside the gates!  This is our second Conner Prairie Wedding but our first Full Access Opportunity and we loved every moment of shooting Kylie & Kaiser's Wedding.  

November Weddings are always a roll of the dice with weather but we had the most Beautiful Day for an outdoor Wedding and Pictures all over the Property and then an indoor Reception with access to the balcony/deck when things got too hot inside.  The entire Wedding Party & Parents were treated to an Amazing Ride up in the Conner Prairie Balloon!

Kylie's Dress was Stunning and the guys were all dressed in Traditional Filipino Wedding Shirts which made for some amazing pictures.  Lots of fun times and dancing once we moved inside and then a beautiful candle-lit exit into a vintage car for their getaway!

Thanks Guys for Trusting Us with your Wedding Day Pictures and Video!  We're super excited to finish your edits and get your full gallery ready in the weeks to come!  Until then, here's a selection of pictures from your day!



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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Madeline & Ezra | Vintage Oaks Banquet Barn Madeline & Ezra

Sept 25th, 2021

Vintage Oaks Banquet Barn, Delphi, IN

I don't even know what to say.  Its my own child's Wedding Day​ and I've known her for her entire life.  I've been praying for Ezra ever since Madeline show'd her first signs of strength and independence and the first time I met him, I knew he was exactly who she was supposed to tackle life with!  

We've been planning this Wedding since the day they graduated from Purdue and with an added bump of a Covid Year delay, we finally found the perfect day, for the perfect couple, in the perfect venue with all the perfect people and for the most part, I just got to relax and enjoy being Father of the Bride.

We hired 3 Amazing Photographers including Kaleigh, who we mentored through High School and College and our Great Friends Kayla & Nick.  We trusted them to capture Madeline & Ezra's Vision of Beauty, Family, Friends and Crazy Fun and they did an amazing job.

This is just 120 pictures from almost 1000 shots we're in the process of editing.  These are our Photographer's Shots with our Signature Edits and there will be so many more coming in just a few weeks!

From the Bottom of this Dad's Heart and from the rest of our Families, This was the Best Day Ever and I'm so thankful we have all of these amazing pictures to help us remember!


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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Megan & Michael | Avon Gardens Megan & Michael

Friday September 17th, 2021

Avon Gardens

I feel like I could write a small book about these two.  We've been in each other's lives now for a few years and we've walked, prayed and celebrated through quite a Journey to get to this place.  We love them both like kids of our own and we're super excited they wanted us to be a part of helping them remember everything from their day!

We started the morning with Hair and Makeup at Megan's home in Greenfield and then transitioned to one of our Favorite Venues in the entire Indianapolis Area!  Avon Gardens is everything you want for a stunning outdoor wedding filled with color.  Its not a place for those faded, low contrast pictures that fill a lot of Wedding Blogs.  If you choose to get Married at Avon Gardens its because you LOVE COLOR!  We had a Stunning Couple getting married in one of the most beautiful places in all of Indianapolis.  It doesn't get much prettier than this!

As we talked through plans for the day, the big thing Megan insisted on was a First Look where she'd dress up as a T-Rex while Michael listened (and cried) through a 6 min video.  Turning around to see his Bride for the first time was the funniest thing we've seen at a wedding in a really long time!  If you know them, then this was perfect!  We filled the rest of the day with tons of pictures, a "For Real" first look and lots of fun dancing.  Also, check out how far Megan threw the Bouquet!

I know you're here for the pictures!  So if you're even still reading, Here You Go!

]]> (Matthew Doudt Photography) Avon Gardens Colorful Wedding Fake First Look Indianapolis Brides indianapolis wedding photography indy wedding photography T-Rex Wedding Dinosaur wedding dress Fri, 01 Oct 2021 20:09:22 GMT
Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Courtney & Matt | Embassy Suites Noblesville  

Courtney & Matt

Saturday September 4th, 2021

Embassy Suites, Noblesville


After a Geist, Backyard, Waterfront, Covid Wedding last Summer, Courtney and Matt finally got their Big Celebration and we were so excited for Part Two of their Wedding Journey.  They even flew back from their new home in Hawaii to celebrate with family and friends!

We had an Awesome day, even with the rain celebrating mostly inside the Embassy Suites at Hamilton Town Center in Noblesville.  The rain didn't damper anyone's excitement and we had an awesome day with makeup, hair and all the getting ready stuff.  Then we had a re-dedication ceremony and a full party with cake, speeches, dances and bouquet toss.

It was a great day to Celebrate a year of Marriage and standing up to a world-wide pandemic and saying, "Your Not Stealing My Party!"

Thanks Guys for trusting us Twice!  Here's a fun selection of pictures from your day!

]]> (Matthew Doudt Photography) Embassy Suites Noblesville indianapolis brides indianapolis wedding photographer indianapolis wedding photography indy wedding photography Re-dedication Ceremony Wedding Celebration wedding dress Thu, 30 Sep 2021 15:28:30 GMT
Muncie Wedding Photography | Olivia & Josiah | Minnetrista Olivia & Josiah

July 10th, 2021

Minnetrista Center & Union Chapel Ministries

What a delightful day we had with Olivia & Josiah.  Fun people and some fun places to shoot pictures!  We met everyone at the Minnetrista Center in Muncie on a Beautiful Summer Morning.  I think we could have shot here for hours with the amount of amazing backgrounds but we had to push on to the church after a bit.  The rest of the day was filled with Celebration, Food, Dancing and Games.  

We Loved Spending The Day With You Guys!!  Thanks for trusting us with your pictures!  Here's a small sample and the rest of your gallery will be coming in a few weeks!

Blessings, Matt & Jen

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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Megan & Ben | Industry Megan & Ben

June 27th, 2021


So when I say "We Go Way, Way Back" I mean we go way back even before Megan was born to a little town in Northern Indiana where her Mom and I went to the same High School and her Dad and I went to the same college.  I've known and followed the Dolby/Williams family my entire life and it was amazing to shoot both Megan & Ben's Senior Pictures several years ago.  I've been hoping ever since that I'd someday get to shoot their Wedding!

June 27th was such the perfect day!  It teased us with rain so we carefully chose our outside times and when it did sprinkle on us, nobody really cared because it was so hot!  Jen and I were surrounded by Beautiful & Fun people all day as we snapped away and it was such a joy to be there for Megan & Ben to capture everything... and I mean everything!  Ha ha!

We love shooting at Industry.  We loved every choice that Megan and Ben made for their day!  We had a blast reconnecting with lots of Heritage Young Adults that we'd shot Senior Pictures with and then... well, there's two of the most Beautiful People we've ever shot a Wedding for.  The Dress, the makeup, the smiles, the tuxes, the antics, the guests!  Everything was just perfect!

Enough of my talking... Y'all are here because you want to see pictures!  It was hard keeping the number of pictures under the required Blog size limit so here's as many pictures as I could cram in and there's TONS more coming in a few weeks!

Thanks Guys!!  We LOVED being with you on your day!!

]]> (Matthew Doudt Photography) Heritage Christian School indianapolis brides indianapolis wedding photographer indianapolis wedding photography INDUSTRY indy wedding photography makeup Stunning Bride wedding dress White River State Park Wedding Fri, 30 Jul 2021 20:52:41 GMT
Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Caroline & Zach | The Barn in Zionsville Caroline & Zach

June 26th, 2021

The Barn in Zionsville

Summer Outdoor Weddings are only for the Brave and Adventurous and with some Amazing Fortune, Caroline & Zach ended up with a Stunning Day that was Hot for sure but not too hot to keep us from having the time of our lives!  The Barn in Zionsville is a great small barn venue with some stunning backdrops.  The ivy growing over the barn doorway, the tree covered ceremony site and the old wagon gave us so many options for great pictures!  

We survived the heat and the wind and the day was just perfect!  So thankful for great friends and family, a really fun wedding party and the cutest Bride & Groom!

Thanks Guys!  We LOVED being with you on your Best Day Ever!!

Here's just a small preview!  Lots more pictures coming soon!

]]> (Matthew Doudt Photography) Barn Wedding cowboy boots indianapolis brides indianapolis wedding photographer indianapolis wedding photography Picture Frame Wagon wedding dress Wed, 28 Jul 2021 17:05:48 GMT
Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Katie & Josh | Balmoral House Katie & Josh

June 19th, 2021

Balmoral House, Fishers, IN

I feel like I've known Katie for at least 20 years.  We attended the same church about that long ago and then Katie asked me to shoot her Senior Pictures a few years ago.  Its been fun reconnecting now as adults and seeing her and her family again.  The Balmoral House is a Stunning small venue and we LOVE shooting there.  So many great places for pictures and the pond is a really great discovery this time!

With the threat of rain, which never came we had an indoor ceremony & reception with dancing outside on the patio.  Lots of great pictures and beautiful moments! 

We have so many more pictures coming real soon but here's a small preview!

]]> (Matthew Doudt Photography) Balmoral House Fishers Wedding Photography Indiana indianapolis brides indianapolis wedding photographer indianapolis wedding photography indy wedding photography Summer Wed, 28 Jul 2021 16:44:49 GMT
Kentucky Wedding Photography | Felicity & Trevor | Morehead Kentucky Felicity & Trevor

June 11th, 2021

Meadowview Weddings

Morehead, Kentucky

Family Weddings are the Best and these guys are just like family. This is our third wedding for our long time best friends, Donny & Angie Gergely!  We've followed them around the Midwest and loved being a part of the Wedding Days of now three of their four children in Ohio and Kentucky!

  Spending the weekend is always our Favorite way serve couples when we do destination weddings and it was awesome to arrive early for the rehearsal and stay through Brunch on Sunday Morning!  We love these guys and it was awesome hanging with Felicity and Trevor and helping them make some amazing pictures during their day!  

So many beautiful moments during their day including Felicity's Amazing Dress and such a beautiful venue.  Even with questionable weather, we found some nature spots for pictures and so many fun spots inside the wedding venue surrounded by windows.

Here's just a small sampling of their Wedding Day but enough to get a feel for how beautiful and fun this day was!  Thanks Trevor & Felicity!  We loved being with you!  So many good pictures here to remember your day!

Blessings, Matt & Jen

]]> (Matthew Doudt Photography) Cave Run Lake Destination Indianapolis Wedding Photographer indianapolis wedding photography indy wedding photography Kentucky KY Morehead Wedding wedding dress Sun, 11 Jul 2021 21:23:41 GMT
Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Kaleigh & Adam | 1899 Indy Kaleigh & Adam

Wedding/Anniversary Celebration

May 22nd, 2021

TownePlace Suites by Marriott

Center Grove Church

1899 Indianapolis

If you invest well in people, good things happen in good time!  We've known Kaleigh for over 5 years and Adam just about as long.  We shot Kaleigh's Senior Pictures and then adopted her for the next 4 years as a Photography Assistant pouring into her just about everything we knew.  It's been a joy watching her grow in her skill as a Photographer and equally in her Love for Adam.  We're just really thankful for the amazing people we've connected with over the years and Kaleigh and Adam are some of the best!

Official Wedding Day was May 22nd, 2020 and here in 2021 we finally got to have the big celebration they originally wanted and it happened on their First Anniversary.

Such an Amazing Day together from Hair, Makeup and Getting Ready through 4 venue changes during the day!  We had a blast capturing all their moments especially knowing that several of their things had deep personal meaning connected back to Kaleigh's parents wedding.

So its been a year and they're doing Amazing!  It was a fantastic celebration and we've put together a few shots from the entire day.  Lots more will be coming soon!


Thanks for choosing us to capture your day!