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May 25th, 2024

Wild Blackberry Farms

As we spend time chatting with Bride, Grooms, Parents and others involved in planning a Wedding, sometimes it's pretty evident that we're in for something fun, unique and exciting!  We've done quite a few weddings for couples from different cultures but this wedding was a Crazy Fun Mix of Two Cultures coming together and it was everything we thought it would be!

Hailey & David have such a fun story!  They met as strangers in a random mixed dance line at a friend's Quinceanera when they were just teens and they've been together ever since!  Their Wedding Day was a beautiful mix of American and Hispanic Cultures and So Much Energy!

From the moment we arrived we were blown away by the thought and detail that went into everything from flowers to memory walls to gifts and table design.  Hailey's dress and bouquet were stunning and the Barn at Wild Blackberry Farm was the perfect backdrop of color and rustic beauty for their day.

We loved working with this couple, their families, the venue, the helpers (there were so many), the DJ and multiple pastors and the Amazing Chefs!  We couldn't have asked for anything more from their day!  The Blog here only holds so many pictures and we've had to remove so many good shots just to make it fit!  Lots more pictures coming in a few weeks but here's a beautiful look at Hailey & David's Wedding Day!

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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Chastity & Dane | Bash Chastity & Dane

May 24th, 2024


What an Amazing Day!  Jill (my assistant) and I both remarked after the day was finished that this wedding was one of the most fun and relaxed weddings we could remember!  Chastity & Dane are really great people with beautiful hearts for each other and for Family.

We spent most of the day at BASH in Carmel which is a perfect venue for small to mid-sized weddings.  It's got nice natural light and lots of white to bounce light off of.  For the smaller size of the venue, Bash offers lots of options for pictures!

Chastity gets her own paragraph!  She looked Amazing... and her dress was amazing!

After getting ready we ventured into the heat to West Park for a First Look and then some fun outdoor pictures.  Again... when the Wedding Party is Fun... the day will be fun and while it was warm outside, it wasn't too warm and we had a blast with pictures!

We finished the day with Ceremony (Cats Included), Dancing, Bubbles & Sparklers!

I just want to give Huge Kudos to Ella & Laila (and all the kids for that matter)!  Y'all rocked the amazing attitude and participation for the entire day!  Sometimes we see the exact opposite and you ladies were amazing!  Everyone stayed and danced the entire night!  We were exhausted by 11pm but so full!  The pictures will tell the story!  So Much Fun!!

Thanks Chastity & Dane!  Blessings to you All!



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Indiana Campground Wedding Photography | Madi & Austin | Twin Lakes Country Cabins Madi & Austin

May 18th, 2024

Twin Lakes Country Cabins

After 400+ Weddings it's always amazing to get to work with a couple that wants to do something different and unique!  Madi & Austin are energetic, professional, entrepreneurial, smart, socially gifted with leadership and creativity but MORE than anything, they are Lovers of People and especially Family... and they love camping!

With all of that, where else would you have your Wedding than in the middle of a huge Family reunion at a Campground!  They rented an entire small campground, including every lodge, cabin and camping space for the entire weekend and then invited Family & Friends to come camping with them for the weekend and be a part of their wedding.

So many details.. my mind was boggled by the number of things you'd have to consider for a weekend like this but all of it... every single thing was just perfect! 

I'm so thankful for this opportunity to work with them and capture their wedding day!  I could try to describe more, but I think what everyone's waiting on is Pictures!

Thanks Guys!  What an Amazing Day!

This is a small sample of their full gallery.  Just some highlights of the Day!

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Indianapolis Courthouse Weddings | Samantha & Zachary | Hamilton County Courthouse Sam & Zach

April 12, 2024

Hamilton County Courthouse


The longer I'm in the Wedding industry the more and more I'm starting to appreciate simple, sweet, intimate days with couples.  Its a blessing living just a few blocks from the Hamilton County Courthouse and I love when I get called to step into a couple's new adventure starting just around the corner from my home!

I connected with Sam & Zach just before the ceremony and we grabbed a few shots in the Magistrate's Room before and during their ceremony.  There's several great spots in the Hamilton County Courthouse to shoot pictures so we grabbed family shots and a few fun shots before heading outside.  Noblesville is blessed with such a great environment for pictures and we hustled through alleys and streets for a quick session before it started dumping rain!

Reception was a Maggianos at the Fashion Mall and they were joined by the rest of the extended family and a few close friends.  Simple, fun, beautiful day and we made some really awesome pictures!  

Bless you guys!  Thanks for letting me be a part of your Day!

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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Lisa & Chuck | Noblesville Baptist Church Lisa & Chuck

December 9th, 2023

Noblesville Baptist Church

Getting to know these guys has been so much fun!  What started as a simple conversation on our Front Porch for a few hours of Photography turned into not only us spending the entire day with them on their Wedding Day but also Jen providing and styling their Wedding Day Decorations.  

I always love shooting Christmas Season Weddings and the colors and decorations they chose turned a little Baptist Church into a really stunning place to get married!

We started the morning at Lisa & Chuck newly acquired home that's still in the middle of a total renovation.  We had just enough decorations to make nice backgrounds for photos and we'll all laugh for years as we remember the completely empty rooms, the master bedroom with bucket and construction equipment all around and the empty blue bedroom where Lisa hid away while I shot pictures of the guys! It was a perfect day where it was sunny and warm at times and poured down rain at others!  

The Wedding Ceremony was really moving with testimonies of both Lisa & Chuck's journey to this day, really beautiful music and the perfect kiss at the end!

We got to sneak outside for a few pictures in the parking lot before entering into the reception for some amazing BBQ, Cake and Hot Chocolate!

Thanks again for trusting all of us with your day.  Jill & I had and amazing time shooting pictures with you all day and the decisions that you and Jen made about your decorations were perfect!  Everything was just beautiful... and now here's pictures to prove it!

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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Molly & Blake | Noblesville Backyard Wedding Molly & Blake

Friday October 13th, 2023

Private Backyard Wedding

I don't have a lot of words for this Wedding!  Thankfully I have a bunch of super amazing photos!  I'd never met Molly & Blake and I show'd up for their wedding day and started shooting before I even met them!  I have to say this is one of the coolest, most fun wedding days I've ever shot.  Amazing people and so much thought put into creating a space and a day for everyone to enjoy!

Their Ceremony was on a lakeside backyard hill of a friend's house and their ceremony moved Downtown Noblesville to their new home.  Live band, fire pit, an amazing spread of food & drink and even rain... but it didn't matter!

I shot in the sunlight and I shot after dark and the entire day was beautiful and full of life...

And Gus!  Ha ha!

Thanks Guys!  I really, really enjoyed your day!

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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Susan & Mike | Backyard Wedding Susan & Mike

Intimate Backyard Wedding

September 23rd, 2023

Every invitation to shoot someone's wedding is a deeply personal invitation but when that wedding is also in your own home, it's a notch higher!  Super thankful for the opportunity to spend an evening with Susan, Mike, their family and friends as they said "I Do" in their own backyard!  Pictures, Live Music and Amazing Food but the guests of honor were the highlight!  To incredibly beautiful people, who laughed and smiled the entire evening, surrounded by people who love them! It was Perfect!

Here's a collection of some of our Favorite Pictures.  Lots more to come soon!


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Indianapolis Egyptian Wedding Photography | Lidia & Ramona | Four Venue Wedding Day Lidia & Ramone

September 10th, 2023

St Mary & St Mark Orthodox Church

Ritz Charles, Carmel

If you're looking for some Joy-Filled Wedding Photos, look no further!  Our Day with Lidia and Ramone was Crazy and Fun and Energetic and Exhausting all wrapped up into one of the most beautiful weddings we've shot in a long time!  I have a deep connection and love for the Middle East and when my friend Jessica said her Egyptian Friend Lidia needed a Photographer I said "PLEASE PICK ME!"  Ha ha!  So thankful for the new friends that past connections often bring us!

This was a 4-Venue Wedding Day.  Starting at a Hotel for Hair, Makeup, Dressing and First Looks.  Then we moved to Coxhall Gardens for some amazing outdoor pictures with the couple and wedding party.  The Ceremony was at one of Carmel's most beautiful churches, St Mary and St Mark Orthodox Church and then we ended up the evening at the Ritz Charles for the most energetic reception we've shot in a really long time!

So many really fun moments from this day and a few stories that we'll just keep to ourselves!  We met some of the most exuberant people and saw things at a reception that we've never seen before!  Shooting an Orthodox Ceremony is always something special too!

I could go on and on about my love for this day but I know that nobody reads the words and just jumps to the photos!  So here we go!  Just a small sampling for lots more to come!

Thanks to Jessica for the connect and Bless You Lidia & Ramone!  You Guys Are Amazing!

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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Courtney & Colin | Indiana State Museum Courtney & Colin

September 9th, 2023

Indiana State Museum

It was so awesome to spend the day with Courtney and Colin at the Indiana State Museum.  Sometimes shooting in museums can be difficult but the Indiana State Museum is so beautiful on the inside and has so many different options for great photographs inside and out, we had the best day making pictures with them.  

Loved their outdoor ceremony with a String Quartet overlooking the Downtown City Skyline and the Indy Canal.  Dinner, Decorations and hosting by Kahn's is always top notch and this day was exactly what you'd expect from one of Indy's Finest.

A beautiful couple, an amazing relaxed day, perfect weather and a really fun crowd made for the perfect wedding day for these guys!  Super thankful that we got to do our little part in helping them remember everything!

Bless You Guys!  Thanks again for Trusting Us with your Photography!

Here's a sample of our Favorite shots from the day.  Lots more coming soon!

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Indianapolis LDS Wedding Photography | Karsen & Daniel | Indianapolis LDS Temple Karsen & Daniel

Saturday August 5th, 2023

Indianapolis LDS Temple

Palomino Ballroom

We had an amazing day shooting with Karsen & Daniel!  In the morning right after their private ceremony inside the temple we stood with their Family and Friends as they exited to meet everyone!  Lots of hugs and smiles and pictures with everyone and then we had some private time with them for some more intimate pictures.

We arrived early for the evening Reception so we could take some additional pictures in the stunning landscape of the Palomino Ballroom in Zionsville, IN.  Then it was quickly off to the party where food, speeches and dancing filled the evening before a beautiful bubble exit to end the evening!

Bless you guys in your new Journey Together!  We had a wonderful time capturing your day!  Here's a collection of some of our Favorite pictures from the day.  The rest of their gallery will be available soon!

[email protected] (Matthew Doudt Photography) Ballroom Indianapolis LDS Wedding Indianapolis Temple LDS Temple Palomino Mon, 14 Aug 2023 12:46:06 GMT
Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Sabrina & Austin | Family Farm Wedding Sabrina & Austin

July 14th & 15th

Family Farm, Noblesville, IN

Every Wedding Day is an amazing opportunity to spend time with a couple and their families capturing memories and making beautiful pictures but every so often we get the opportunity to spend more than a day with a couple and spread out the activities so we can be more intentional about each moment.  We just love these guys!  I keep thinking back to their amazing Engagement Shoot and how we had the perfect night and the perfect weather for glorious pictures and somehow we found the same luck for their double wedding day Celebration.

Day one was hair, makeup, getting ready and meeting Bruce!  Then we transitioned to the Family Farm for a bit of time with the guys before a stunning lakeside intimate ceremony with just family and a sweet solo cello soaking the moment in beautiful music.  After the ceremony it was Champagne, celebration, more pictures and then off to dinner.  Friday evening ended with a family dinner at 10 West in Cicero for a huge spread of food and drink!

Saturday started with a fun lifestyle shoot on their first morning together.  Sabrina, Austin, Bruce and I found lots of cozy places around their home for pictures and then it was time to get ready.  When most couples get ready separated on Wedding Days it was super awesome to capture moments of them helping each other zipping the dress or straightening the bow tie.  Just beautiful pictures!

The rest of the day was a Family Cocktail Hour for about 100 relatives and then the big party started as guests parked and walked down the lane to the barn.  What an amazing place for a Wedding Reception!  It was DIY all the way for the decorations with help from Kim Harden (I Love It Designs) and then Big Hoffa's for dinner.

Food, Dancing, More Pictures with a massive full group Drone Shot and then we partied the night away!  We had the most amazing two days with these guys and based on their celebration with friends and family, they've got a lifetime of amazing adventures ahead of them!

Thanks again for trusting us with the Memories of your Day!  We LOVED every moment of it!

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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Mary & Tony | Forest Park Lodge Mary & Tony

June 4th, 2023

Forest Park Lodge

Smaller, Intimate & Unique Weddings seem to be a new trend and we LOVE it.  So thankful that we could be a part of Mary & Tony's Wedding Day.  I got to spend time with them a year ago shooting Engagement pictures and really enjoyed our time together so I knew their Wedding Day would be even better!  

We spent the entire day with them at Forest Park in Noblesville.  The Lodge is a beautiful small space for intimate weddings and they had it decorated perfectly!  Mary's Mother doesn't do flowers professionally but maybe she should.  The fresh flower arrangements were stunning as was Mary's Dress in the window light!

Lots of special moments and laughter.  They got married out in the yard under a big 'ole tree and it was just perfect!  Plenty of spots all around for pictures and then we cut cake and sat down for a meal.  Lots of great pictures here!  Enjoy!!!

[email protected] (Matthew Doudt Photography) Forest Park Wedding indianapolis brides Indianapolis Wedding Photographer indianapolis wedding photography indy wedding photography Noblesville Parks Summer Outdoor Wedding wedding dress Thu, 22 Jun 2023 15:25:42 GMT
Indiana Wedding Photography | Jessica and RV | Muncie Church Wedding Jessica & RV

May 20th, 2023

Muncie First Church of the Nazarene

Something Borrowed & Beautiful

Every Wedding Day has a story and beautiful moments but the best weddings are those where we've been involved in lots of the story and lots of the moments!  We've had the pleasure of knowing these guys since the very beginning of their 'together' story and today seems like wrapping a bow around the most perfect gift!

I could go on and on about these two, their love for each other only exceeded by their Love for Jesus but I think you'll see it in the pictures!  They've waited patiently for this day digging deep into each other and welcoming their community to speak life and wisdom all over them.  I just can't say enough about how ready they both are for this moment!  Surrounded by friends, family and a faith community they've committed to doing life with, Jess & RV got married and then immediately invited everyone to worship Jesus with them as they celebrated!

We started the day in Jess's home and then shot their first look and some portraits at the Paramount Theater in Anderson.  Then off to Morrow's Meadow in Yorktown for some nature shots with RV's amazing 1969 Corvette.

The wedding and reception were both held at the Muncie First Church of the Nazarene.

Jess's Stunning Dress Wowed everyone and both of their unique rings were a surprise as they saved those gifts for the alter!  

Big Kudos to Jen Doudt and her Vintage Wedding Decorations as well as coordination for the day!  Everything went perfectly and looked amazing!

Ok.. enough chat... I know you want to see the pictures!


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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Joy & Drake | Freedom Barn Joy & Drake

November 26th, 2022

The Freedom Barn, Indianapolis

Wrapping up our Wedding Season with a really great day with Joy, Drake and their Families at the Freedom Barn on the East Side of Indy.  Wedding Days are always better when we walk in the door already knowing people and we've known Joy and her family for years.  It was our first time shooting at the Freedom Barn and we loved a large property with lots of picture options.  The day was a tad chilly so we didn't venture too far but we found some really awesome spots and the barn really gave us plenty of beautiful shots.  

We've had a year of just the best weddings and its so awesome to end it all with one where we felt like guests and we could celebrate two young people who we love and respect so much!  Congrats Guys!  Thanks for choosing us and having the best people in the world surrounding you!  Cheers to 2022!  We're going out on a Bang!!

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Destination Wedding Photography | Cortney & Ian | The Barn at Chapel Creek - Venice Florida Cortney & Ian

November 1st, 2021 & 2022

The Barn at Chapel Creek, Venice, Florida

We LOVE traveling for Weddings!  I love exploring fun new places and I love the challenge of fitting everything that I need to shoot a Wedding inside of a suitcase!  We've done it a lot and we got to do it again a few weeks ago for a really special Wedding!

Cortney was our Intern during her Senior Year of High School and she spent 3 days a week with us for an entire year.  When you work from home it literally meant she became a part of our family for an entire year and we loved it.  We spent a lot of time talking about photography and giving her skill set a bump but also brought her just about everywhere we went to shoot that year including several weddings where she got to both shoot pictures and video for us!

Jump ahead several years and we were so thankful to be invited to fly to Florida and shoot her Wedding.  I wish we'd gotten to spend more than 4 days getting to know Ian but I have to say, what a great guy and we just really enjoyed the time we had with him.  Cortney's Mom put us up in their home so we got to do all the family things as we prepared for the day.  I got to walk around their lake and meet a live alligator and we also got to view some of the damage from the Hurricane.  Thankfully the Venue was able to clean up nicely and honestly things looked great on the day of the Celebration.

This was actually a 1yr Anniversary Celebration as they had a small wedding a year ago as Ian was preparing to deploy with the Navy.  They wanted to have their big day, put on the dress, walk down the aisle and dance the night away so on a Tuesday night, on their 1st Anniversary, we got to Celebrate in a really beautiful way with them.

Congrats to you Both.  We really enjoyed our time with you and are super excited to share pictures!  Blessings & Blessings and we can't wait to see you again soon!


[email protected] (Matthew Doudt Photography) Anniversary Celebration Destination Wedding Florida Indianapolis Wedding Photographer indianapolis wedding photography indy wedding photography Outdoor Wedding Photographers who travel Venice Fri, 18 Nov 2022 21:21:44 GMT
Ft Wayne Wedding Photography | Jordan & Corey | The Paper Mill on the Landing Jordan & Corey

October 21st, 2022

The Paper Mill on the Landing

I don't even really know where to start because... well... it started just a few days after she was born and my heart for this precious Bride has done nothing but grown and grown over the years.  Most of the time, as photographers we don't really want to shoot Family Weddings because we want to be present and celebrate with everyone but I'll be honest, I would have been totally bummed if Jordan hadn't asked me to shoot her Wedding.  I care so much about how her pictures turn out, it would have been difficult to watch someone else shoot the day!

So... that out of the way.  I've known her Mom since the day she was born and this day was such a beautiful celebration of all the things a Family walks through as we grow!  We couldn't have asked for a more amazing venue, weather, friends and family and of course Jordan and Corey were perfect!  Absolutely Perfect!

Y'all... she wore a Black Wedding Dress and it was Stunning!!!  They didn't do most of the normal wedding day things and we didn't miss them at all.  What we did do was honor lives and hearts and service and persistence and the blood, sweat and tears that it takes to raise two kids from childhood to married adults and just about everyone who's been meaningful to them both were with us Celebrating!

I could go on and on talking about the day but the pictures will tell a much better story.  This is a collection of some of our most Favorite shots from the day and there's lots and lots more coming in just a few weeks.

Jordan & Corey Thank You!  We LOVED every moment of Your Day!