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Courtney & Matt

September 5th, 2020

I don't think there's been a single Wedding since March that hasn't been somehow affected by the Covid Quarantine Situation.  Its been one of those things that we've all been in together and while changing big plans into smaller plans has been a bummer for some, we've had some of the sweetest, most beautiful weddings this season and Couples are Still Getting Married Hallelujah!

Courtney & Matt found a perfect alternative for their big wedding day plans and a new date in 2021 for the rest of things to work out.  We had a great time getting ready and then a sweet backyard wedding on Geist Reservoir!  Had you not knows, you might have thought that this is what they intended their day to always look like!

Here's a collection of pictures.  More to follow in a few weeks when we finish their entire gallery.


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