Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Ciara & Jordon | 1899

Ciara & Jordon Part II

Friday September 18th, 2020

1899 Indianapolis

OVA Brands Salon

We've been talking with Ciara since January of 2018.  I feel like we've been on a lengthy Journey with her and Jordon that has finally come to a Celebratory Finish!  We've been dreaming together about her Wedding for 32 Months and we even had to split plans into two parts to get everything accomplished... But Voila!  We Did It and It Was Awesome!

Covid Regulations had just started in March so their original wedding date of March 20th got shrunk down to just immediate family.  We shot a short day then and officially got them married but then planned for a Fall Celebration.  September came and they put together the biggest group of people they were both allowed to have and who felt comfortable gathering and we had ourselves a party!  Having been married already for 6 months made the day just peaceful and beautiful and focused on friends and family.  We loved our day with them and we're excited to share a small selection of pictures from their day!

Congrats Guys!  You Made It!!


What an amazing selection of photos! Definitely looks like a celebration worth waiting for.
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