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Madi & Austin

May 18th, 2024

Twin Lakes Country Cabins

After 400+ Weddings it's always amazing to get to work with a couple that wants to do something different and unique!  Madi & Austin are energetic, professional, entrepreneurial, smart, socially gifted with leadership and creativity but MORE than anything, they are Lovers of People and especially Family... and they love camping!

With all of that, where else would you have your Wedding than in the middle of a huge Family reunion at a Campground!  They rented an entire small campground, including every lodge, cabin and camping space for the entire weekend and then invited Family & Friends to come camping with them for the weekend and be a part of their wedding.

So many details.. my mind was boggled by the number of things you'd have to consider for a weekend like this but all of it... every single thing was just perfect! 

I'm so thankful for this opportunity to work with them and capture their wedding day!  I could try to describe more, but I think what everyone's waiting on is Pictures!

Thanks Guys!  What an Amazing Day!

This is a small sample of their full gallery.  Just some highlights of the Day!


Grandma Judy(non-registered)
Your pictures are such a beautiful impression joy and happiness. Each one is beyond wonderful. They show the good time we were all having as Austin and Madison were married. This camp out was like a family reunion on steroids. If has left great memories for all family and friends. So glad I was a part of this celebration.
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