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Rachel & Jesse

January 18th, 2020

Rick's Cafe Boatyard

Who Doesn't Love a Surprise right?  Especially when everyone thought they were coming to an Engagement Cocktail Party!  Rachel and Jesse pulled it off perfectly and everyone had an amazing evening!  

We started much earlier in the day with Hair & Makeup for all the Ladies while everyone helped with the decorations.  It was windy and cold outside but inside it was awesome and Rick's Cafe Boatyard had plenty of fun spaces for pictures.  It was a two outfit day for Rachel as we started with a First Look in her Wedding Dress and then lots more pictures but before guests arrived she changed into a cute party dress to keep the surprise alive.

Guests arrived and as the room filled up Rachel slipped away and changed back into her Wedding Dress.  Without giving a single thing away Jesse invited the guests to make an aisle down the middle of the room for his "Bride to Be" you should have seen everyone's face as Rachel appeared in a Wedding Dress.  

Beautiful Wedding Ceremony, Dances, Cake, Food, Toasts and then lots and lots more Crazy Fun Dancing!  It was a beautiful evening with Family at the Very Center of Everything!  Congrats Rachel & Jesse!  Thank you for trusting us with your Best Surprise Ever!!!


Carol Gunnell Myrick(non-registered)
What an amazing surprise you all pulled off. And these pictures are absolutely stunning and show the real love and fun of the evening. Congratulations to the new couple
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