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Haley & Matt

May 31st, 2019

The Willows

Lots of things with wedding planning run together but if I remember correctly, Haley booked us for her wedding within a day of meeting us at a Bridal Show and we've just enjoyed being together every moment since.  We had a rainy Engagement Session but that must have been good luck because our Wedding Day together was Stunning in a soaking wet Spring!!  We brought our full team of Makeup, Photography, Photobooth & Videography on the day and just had a blast helping the ladies feel amazing and capturing the day.  Kudos to Jen Doudt who kept an emotional Haley touched up all day long!  There were lots of tears throughout the day as you'll see in the shots!  Its was just one of those days that went perfectly.  We were even an hour behind at one point and in the end it just didn't matter.  Wedding was Beautiful!  Bride & Groom had just the best attitudes all day!  The reception was crazy fun, the venue looked amazing, the cake was some of the best we've ever had and we have SO MANY GREAT PICTURES to share. 

Here's just a small sample!



Jeff PACE(non-registered)
Amazing work
Jan Albaugh(non-registered)
These are AMAZING!!! GREAT pictures!!! You caught some of the BEST MEMORIES of their day!!!
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