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Indianapolis Family Wedding | Mallory & Noah | Indy Backyard Weddings

Mallory & Noah

May 5th, 2018

Backyard Family Wedding!!!

We've practically known Mallory her entire life.  She's lived down the street from us and we've watched her family grow and grow over the years!  We've kind of sneaked back into each other's lives in the past year through needing a dog walker and her younger brother mowing our lawn.  We were so excited when they reached out to us with questions about shooting their wedding.  

So Mallory is one of 11 Siblings and Noah is one of 8 so that made for a huge wedding party.  Mix that with their families knowing each other their entire lives, sisters & parents being best friends and a super close church community... well, the invitation list was 400 people and pretty much everyone came.  It took an army of helpers to make the day happen but it was the most beautiful expression of a community coming around a young couple to celebrate their decision to spend forever together!

We LOVED the Wedding Day and are So Excited to share the first batch of pictures with everyone!  Thanks again Slate & Oetjen Families!!  This was the Best Day!


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