Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Eva & Connor | Laurel Hall

Eva & Connor

October 28th, 2018

Laurel Hall, Indianapolis

Its funny sometimes how we connect with couples.  Some times you meet at a Bridal Show and the rest is history.  Occasionally you find yourself fixing a piano for the Grooms Mom who then recommends you for headshots at her company and BAM, six months later you're  you're sitting at a Starbucks with the Bride & Groom discussing this fun new song nobody's ever used for a First Dance!!  Ha Ha!

I loved Eva and Connor from our first moment together and I knew we were going to have a great wedding day together!  Fun Couples attract Fun Friends and that makes for a Great Day of Celebration and some Amazing Pictures.  

We crammed more pictures into a short day at Laurel Hall then I've ever taken and we didn't waste a moment!  Great People, Great Venue and Hey, They Got Married!

Here's a Sample of Pictures from Their Best Day Ever!!




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