Matthew Doudt Photography | 2017 Spring Seniors

2017 Spring Seniors

We've been having a blast finishing up some edits and picture orders for our 2017 Seniors as well as continuing to shoot some additional sessions.  We love teenagers... yup, we have them and love them!

In all honesty, some of our most favorite people are teenagers and that's why we love shooting Senior Sessions so much.  Here's just a few of the awesome kids we've been working with on sessions and editing projects!


Delaney - Heritage Christian


Jake - Noblesville


Lauren & Katie - Heritage Christian

Rachel - Noblesville

Tanner - Lawrence North

Elliott, Grace, Abby & Kassidy - Noblesville 2017 Reps

As we say Goodbye to them and welcome several of our new 2018 Reps!

Say Hey to Katie, Cortney & Hannah

We've got a great group of 2018 Seniors from Noblesville and these are just three of them!

We're finalizing our lists for all our 2018 Reps and so excited about the coming year!

We LOVE shooting High School Seniors and hope you'll send all your friends our way!


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