Matthew Doudt Photography | Indianapolis Indian Wedding Photography | Hindu Temple of Central Indiana | Uma & Shankar

Indianapolis Indian Wedding Photography | Hindu Temple of Central Indiana | Uma & Shankar

Uma & Shankar

October 29th, 2017

Hindu Temple of Central Indiana

At the top of my bucket list for Wedding Photography for some time has been an Indian Wedding.  I'm a huge fan of color and from everything I knew, Hindu Weddings were bathed in rich amazing color!  The only question was how to connect with a couple when you've never shot a Hindu wedding before!

Uma called based on a referral from a friend and insisted that I was the one who was supposed to shoot their wedding.  Only problem... I was flying to England that day and my heart just sank.  As we continue to chat, we realized that her wedding would be finished hours before my plane left... leaving me the beautiful opportunity to be with them and still make it to England!

I'll be forever thankful for how kind she and Shankar were with me.  We sat on Purdue's campus and talked all about a ceremony I knew nothing about.  They sent me videos and other pictures to prepare me, we shot some Engagement pictures a couple days before and then on the day of the wedding literally every person there helped me to not miss a thing.  

I LOVE these guys!  Seriously amazing people and their ceremony was a dream for me to shoot.  It was literally 6 hours of an entirely brand new experience nothing like a traditional protestant wedding.  I found myself never putting down my camera and by the end of our short day together, I was physically exhausted but so full!

Thank you Uma & Shankar!  Here's about just a few of your pictures.  The rest are coming down the road but I'm so excited to share these with you!  Blessings to you both!

Engagement/Family Shoot

Wedding Day


Venu Gopal(non-registered)
Amazing photographs. Great to be able to see Shankar's wedding.
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