Welcome to Our Blog Page. Here's where we get to show off our ongoing work and our Amazing Clients.  You'll mostly find Wedding Days here but occasionally we'll throw in another shoot especially during slower times in the year.  

Blogging is where we Celebrate Weddings all over again and a place where future Brides & Grooms can get a better idea of what our Full Day Packages can look like.  These are a small sample of the 700+ pictures we edit for every couple but a good representation of the heart behind each and every picture we shoot!

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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Kylie & Kaiser | Conner Prairie Wedding

Kylie & Kaiser November 6th, 2021 Conner Prairie Conner Prairie is one of those magical, mysterious places that if you've only driven by and seen the Balloon or even if you've only gone to a Concert you really have no idea of the fullness of what's inside the gates! This is our second Conner Prairie Wedding but our first Full Access Opportunity...
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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Madeline & Ezra | Vintage Oaks Banquet Barn

Madeline & Ezra Sept 25th, 2021 Vintage Oaks Banquet Barn, Delphi, IN I don't even know what to say. Its my own child's Wedding Day​ and I've known her for her entire life. I've been praying for Ezra ever since Madeline show'd her first signs of strength and independence and the first time I met him, I knew he was exactly who she was supposed...
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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Megan & Michael | Avon Gardens

Megan & Michael Friday September 17th, 2021 Avon Gardens I feel like I could write a small book about these two. We've been in each other's lives now for a few years and we've walked, prayed and celebrated through quite a Journey to get to this place. We love them both like kids of our own and we're super excited they wanted us to be a part of h...
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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Courtney & Matt | Embassy Suites Noblesville

Courtney & Matt Saturday September 4th, 2021 Embassy Suites, Noblesville After a Geist, Backyard, Waterfront, Covid Wedding last Summer, Courtney and Matt finally got their Big Celebration and we were so excited for Part Two of their Wedding Journey. They even flew back from their new home in Hawaii to celebrate with family and friends! We...
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Muncie Wedding Photography | Olivia & Josiah | Minnetrista

Olivia & Josiah July 10th, 2021 Minnetrista Center & Union Chapel Ministries What a delightful day we had with Olivia & Josiah. Fun people and some fun places to shoot pictures! We met everyone at the Minnetrista Center in Muncie on a Beautiful Summer Morning. I think we could have shot here for hours with the amount of amazing backgrounds but w...
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