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Tianna & Kaelan

March 24th, 2018

Noblesville Backyard, Snowy Spring Wedding!

It wasn't the weather that most Brides would ask for when planning a Backyard Spring Wedding, but when the forecast is for rain and close to freezing temps, you start praying for Snow!  And Beautiful SNOW is what we got.  It was a perfect day for a Wedding on Grandparents property in Noblesville.  Grandparents who were married 34 years earlier, a week earlier... and it snowed (blizzard) on their wedding day too!

We LOVE small intimate weddings and Tianna & Kaelan packed all of their closest friends and family into a snow covered tent and we had a Wedding!  It was perfect and the snow was beautiful!  Nobody ever got cold and it provided a beautiful background for a Princess Quality, Snow White Wedding!  Enjoy!


tia hall-murphy(non-registered)
Thank you so much for capturing this special day with our family. The snow was really an added bonus giving such a beautiful backdrop. Thank you again and we are so excitied to see the rest, and will be giving recommendations!!
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