Sydney & Matt | Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Milltop Banquet and Conference Center

Sydney & Matt

May 28th, 2017

Milltop Banquet & Conference Center

We have loved every moment of knowing Sydney, Matt and their Families!  I honestly can't remember who connected with us first but we've shot pictures with them several different ways and just adore them all.  What a great day we spent together at the Milltop.  

Sydney is a fantastic communicator and planner and working together with her on this Wedding Day was a Dream.  She kept telling us new things that just made us smile and even sometimes giggle.  We couldn't wait for the day to arrive and it came together beautifully.  

It was a huge honer and blessing to be with everyone and we're excited to share a sneak peak of your day with you!  LOTS MORE TO COME!!!





Sydney and Matt(non-registered)
We absolutely love these! They perfectly capture our wonderful day! And they reflect the amazing-ness of your skilled team! Thank you so much
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