Katie & Justin | Indianapolis Engagement Photography | April 17th, 2017

We LOVE Engagement Sessions - Actually Believe They Are Essential!

We try our best to encourage every Wedding Couple to hang out with us for an evening and shoot some Engagement Pictures.  For us its as much about Relationship as it is anything else.  Sure it gives us a chance for a trial run makeup and some practice with the camera and posing but more than anything it helps us show up on Wedding Days as Friends.  Not much more awkward than showing up to shoot a 12 hr Wedding having never met the Groom before!  

So, as much as we can, we try and arm twist (Ha!) every couple into an Engagement Session.  Even the guys who would rather be cleaning the bathroom usually end up loving our time together.  Fun, laid back and evening filled with laughs, smiles and kisses!

We got to do just this with Katie and Justin last week.  What a beautiful evening shooting around Noblesville.  Jen did a trial run with Katie's makeup and it looked so awesome that Justin's Mom is coming for an appointment this weekend!  We love these guys and its awesome when we get to invite a couple to our home, hang out during makeup and then spend a couple hours shooting around town!

It will make a huge difference on Wedding Day!


Beth Collins(non-registered)
Love these pictures! I am Justin's Mom and you completely captured the love these two have for each other! Thank you!
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