Sarah & Bryan | Carmel Wedding Makeup & Photography | March 25th, 2017

We LOVE Multi-Venue Wedding Days because of the wealth of pictures we can take.  

This amazing day with Sarah and Bryan gave us Everything We Love!  

We started the day early in the morning with Makeup, Hair and Photography at the home of Sarah's Hair Dresser.  

What a beautiful home - perfect for pictures and just hanging out at the start of the day!

Meanwhile the Guys were gathering at the Church

Carmel United Methodist Church

Yes... My finger is bleeding and won't stop... might be a problem!

We spend a good amount of time running back and forth between "What's Happening!"  Thankful for a team of Photographers because covering an entire Wedding Solo is an impossible task!

Guys and Girls Prepare in Different Ways!

First Look with Dad and a Few Pre-Ceremony Portraits

Its Time to Get Married!

A Fake Get-a-Way then back to the church for more pictures!

The Off to The Palladium for Some Fun Wedding Party Shenanigans!

We were about out of "Limo Time" so heading to the Reception at the Ritz Charles!

Ritz Charles

Proof that Sarah Started It!

Speeches, Dinner, Drinking, Live Band & Dancing and More Dancing!  

That's Pretty much how the rest of the night went!

Congrats to Sarah & Bryan Amshoff!  

Your Entire Gallery has about 1000 more amazing pictures!

We LOVED our Day With You!!!

Thanks for Choosing US to Capture it for You!


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