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June 24th, 2018

The Barn at Kennedy Farm

Maddie & Eric are a First for Us!  Our Very First High School Senior Rep to get Married!  We've loved shooting High School Senior Pics for the Peklo Family for years and finally we get the first of hopefully many Weddings!  

What a Perfect Day!  In the midst of a miserably hot Summer, we were given one of the sweetest, breeze filled soft Summer Days and Madde & Eric took every advantage of it!  Pictures in the morning at the Peklo Home for Makeup & Hair and then we spent the rest of the day in Lizton, IN at the Barn at Kennedy Farm.  

We love Brides/Grooms with fun creative picture ideas and Madde & Eric had lots... and we shot them all!  We loved their non-tradition First Look walk from the Barn so much that it might become a Fav suggestion to Future Brides!  We're huge fans of Worship as part of the Wedding Ceremony and their friends, the food, the dancing and the Sunset all made for a Perfect Day!  We can't wait to share more, but until we finish their Full Gallery, here's a large collection of some of our Favorites from the Day!

Thanks for Choosing Us!  We LOVED spending the day with you!


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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Rachel & Gage | The Sanctuary on Penn Rachel & Gage

June 23rd, 2018

The Sanctuary on Penn

Crazy Awesome Wedding Day at one of the coolest vintage wedding venues in Indianapolis.  We've been in Love with Rachel & Gage since we shot their sassy, country Engagement Session last year and couldn't wait to get to this weekend.  Awesome families, cute Wedding Kids and the best Wedding Party.  Did I mention the venue was just beautiful - Inside & Out.  So many details here that just made for a stunning collection of pictures.  Make sure to check out all the vintage details and the massive Penny Floor in the Bridal Suite!  This was a day to remember for sure!  Can't wait to finish up their full gallery, but here's a great sample of their day!


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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Kristi & Derek | Mavris Arts & Events Center Kristi & Derek

June 2nd, 2018

Mavris Arts & Events Center

It was a Warm One... don't remember exactly how warm but I do remember that the Party Bus didn't have working AC and that it actually felt awesome to step out of the bus and into the heat!  If you even call that a hitch, it was the only one of the day.  The rest of the day was absolutely perfect!  The Mavris is an awesome venue for a Wedding.  We loved being right in the middle of downtown making it easy to get to the Canal and Monument Circle.  Derek even had a Surprise for Kristi at Lucas Oil Field where the Billboard was lit up with their Wedding Announcement!

Awesome Wedding Party, Awesome Flowers from Eufloric Events and Cake from Heavenly Sweets.  Kristi looked amazing in her dress and Derek killed the Colts Surprise, The dramatic pose photobomb and the night ending serenade!  They had so many friends from college it felt like a reunion!  So Much Fun!  Here's Proof!


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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Haley & Zach | The Barn at Bayhorse Inn Haley & Zach

May 26th, 2018

Barn at Bay Horse Inn

Often in the Wedding Photography Business we meet couples 12-18 months prior to their Wedding Day.  Not so much with Haley & Zach.  Because of an Emergency we jumped into their Wedding Conversation just after Christmas, shot their Engagement Session this Spring and just a few weeks later we were with them on their Wedding Day.  I have to say... Its almost like it was supposed to be this way!  We Loved our Day with them and their Families!  Perfectly Cute Couple and a matching venue decorated by Magical Moments Event Planning and lots of creative ideas by Erica Taylor (Mom) and Crew!

Haley looked Stunning and Zach had a Sword!  So Awesome!!  Enjoy!

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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Deborah & Adam | Indianapolis Museum of Art | Newfields Deborah & Adam

May 12th, 2018

Indianapolis Museum of Art | Newfields

Sometimes because of life we don't get to spend much time with our couples prior to the wedding day.  Deborah & Adam live in California and out of their entire wedding guests list, they actually traveled the furthest for their own wedding!  It honestly didn't matter because we loved our day with them and clicked right into making great pictures!  

We got ready at the Downtown Indy Hilton and then moved right to the IMA (Newfields) for First Look, Ceremony & Reception!  First Wedding for us with the Hora, the Bread Dance and the Man Dance!  So much fun with the Green 14 Band from Chicago (complete with dancers!).  It even tried to rain on us during the ceremony for about 30 seconds and then it actually got more beautiful!  The whole day was just wonderful!  Lots of Awesome Pictures to Share!

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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Makaela & Nathan | Canal 337 Makaela & Nathan

May 11th, 2018

Canal 337, Indianapolis

We treat each and every photoshoot with the consideration that someday we might get to shoot for a family again.  Its the best of the grass roots marketing idea.  You just never know that when you shoot a High School Senior Boy's Pictures... someday you might shoot his Sister's Wedding!  We loved reconnecting with the Shannon Family and its been awesome getting to know Nathan.  We knew from the beginning that this day would be really beautiful!  From our Pre-Wedding Bridal Shoot with Makaela, her Stunning Dress from Marie Gabriel Couture, the Most Amazing Flowers we've seen (and the most!), a really great band (Blue Water Kings), Awesome Guests and then a Gondola Exit for the night, it was Magical!  We loved working with Jessica Dum Wedding Coordination and Canal 337 is just a beautiful venue if you love that rustic industrial look with a great view of downtown Indianapolis.

We had a Great Day with Makeup & Photography!  Thanks for inviting us into your Best Day Ever!  Can't wait to show you all the pictures!


Wedding Day

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Indianapolis Family Wedding | Mallory & Noah | Indy Backyard Weddings Mallory & Noah

May 5th, 2018

Backyard Family Wedding!!!

We've practically known Mallory her entire life.  She's lived down the street from us and we've watched her family grow and grow over the years!  We've kind of sneaked back into each other's lives in the past year through needing a dog walker and her younger brother mowing our lawn.  We were so excited when they reached out to us with questions about shooting their wedding.  

So Mallory is one of 11 Siblings and Noah is one of 8 so that made for a huge wedding party.  Mix that with their families knowing each other their entire lives, sisters & parents being best friends and a super close church community... well, the invitation list was 400 people and pretty much everyone came.  It took an army of helpers to make the day happen but it was the most beautiful expression of a community coming around a young couple to celebrate their decision to spend forever together!

We LOVED the Wedding Day and are So Excited to share the first batch of pictures with everyone!  Thanks again Slate & Oetjen Families!!  This was the Best Day!

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Indianapolis LDS Wedding | Mackenzie & Parker | Zyntango Wedding Barn Mackenzie & Parker

May 4th, 2018

Indianapolis Mormon Temple

Zyntango Farm Wedding Barn

When it comes down to it, Wedding Days are about Love, Promises, Celebration and Family!  I remember the first phone call from Mackenzie's Mom saying the day would be "Non-Traditional" and wondering what that meant!  I remember being excited to shoot pictures at such a beautiful building and really bummed I wasn't allowed inside!  BUT as soon as we met Mackenzie, Parker and their Families all we've talked about since has been the overwhelming sense of Love of Family.  We had such an amazing day hearing testimony after testimony about their character, aspirations, friendships, and dedication to their family.  We watched them laugh, tease, celebrate and just be so filled with joy as they set off on their married life.  It was just a perfect day and we always LOVE shooting at Zyntango!

It was our first Mormon Wedding and we hope its the first of many!  We're huge Fans of both Families and so excited to watch Mackenzie & Parker take on the world together!  Thank you to the Sinclair & Brady Families for making us feel so welcome!  You've become friends and we can't wait to hang out again!  Now for Pictures...


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Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Jorden & Andrew | The Barn at Kennedy Farm Jorden & Andrew

April 28th, 2018

The Barn at Kennedy Farm

It seems like yesterday but its already been two weeks and we're so excited to share some pictures with you!  We fell in love with Jorden at a Bridal Show and then got to hang out with Andrew for the first time at our Engagement Shoot and we're just crazy about these guys!  We got to spend one of the most fun weddings days we've had with them and everything was perfect!

The ladies started the morning in Brownsburg with hair and makeup while the guys started at Bricker's Pub playing pool!  It didn't take us long until we all connected at the Barn for the rest of our day.

We can keep talking but what you want is to see pictures... so here you go!  Thanks again for letting us be a part of your day!


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Jadyn & Nathan | Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Skyline Club Jadyn & Nathan

April 14th, 2018

Courtyard Marriott, Indiana State House

Shelbyville Country Church & Skyline Club

There are three words that come to mind when thinking about Jadyn & Nathan's Wedding Day.  Classy, Joyful and Fun!  Wait... we forgot Contagious Smiles!  Ha ha!  Wait... And Family and Laughter!  We could go on and on!  We started the day downtown Indy for hair, makeup and getting ready.  Then we had to sweet talk our way around an NRA Protest and guards with machine guns to get into the State House for the First Look and lots of Pictures!

Hoping on a Party Bus we made our way to Jadyn's Family Church in Shelbyville for a delightful Country Church Wedding with Bubbles... and hurricane force winds!  We ended the evening back in Indy at the Skyline Club on the 36th floor overlooking Downtown.  

There was so much beauty and attention to detail throughout their Black Tie Celebration.  We loved the 1992 Bottle of Dom Perignon that Jadyn's family purchased for her to open on her Wedding Day, their Awesome Personal Vows and of course, Pip!  We loved you guys from moment one, and we were honored to be a part of your Best Day Ever!!

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Carlie & Joshua | Noblesville Weddings | Milltop Banquet Center Carlie & Joshua Allen

April 8th, 2018

Milltop Banquet & Conference Center

Noblesville, IN

Since we first met in February of 2017, we knew that we'd love spending this day with Carlie & Joshua.  When their Engagement session started inside an Antique Store, we knew we'd get along great.  Wedding Day was entirely at the Milltop in Downtown Noblesville.  We LOVE shooting in our Home Town and its now Carlie & Joshua's Home too.  With just under 60 guests it was a super casual laid back day and we had all kinds of opportunities for pictures.  Thanks so much for letting us be a part of your Best Day Ever!

Take a Look and Give Them Some Love!!

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Tianna & Kaelan | Noblesville Wedding Photography | Snowy Backyard Wedding Tianna & Kaelan

March 24th, 2018

Noblesville Backyard, Snowy Spring Wedding!

It wasn't the weather that most Brides would ask for when planning a Backyard Spring Wedding, but when the forecast is for rain and close to freezing temps, you start praying for Snow!  And Beautiful SNOW is what we got.  It was a perfect day for a Wedding on Grandparents property in Noblesville.  Grandparents who were married 34 years earlier, a week earlier... and it snowed (blizzard) on their wedding day too!

We LOVE small intimate weddings and Tianna & Kaelan packed all of their closest friends and family into a snow covered tent and we had a Wedding!  It was perfect and the snow was beautiful!  Nobody ever got cold and it provided a beautiful background for a Princess Quality, Snow White Wedding!  Enjoy!

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Noblesville Wedding Photography | Milltop | Stephanie and Phil Stephanie & Phil

Milltop Banquet & Conference Center, Noblesville, IN

January 20th, 2018

Sometimes things just work out right!  We spend thousands on advertising and going to Bridal Shows each year and then out of the blue, two beautiful souls find us on Instagram all the way from North Carolina!  Such began our relationship in this "Swipe Right" story and it worked its way beautifully together on January 20th!

We LOVE shooting in our Home Town and the Milltop in Noblesville is a stunning venue for an indoor wedding!  It was a day of climbing stairs (5 floors between the guys and girls) and chasing the cutest puppy around the building!  It began early with hair and 9 faces of makeup.  We saw our first ever Groom's Jacket with our photography from their Engagement Shoot on the inside liner!  We had a NASCAR Driver as a groomsman.  We shared a ton of laughs, a stunning low light ceremony, some really sweet words and stories, a Taco Bar and ended the evening with a tricycle race and a naked man!

We couldn't even include all of our "Best Of" shots here because there are so many, but here's a taste of Stephanie & Phil's Amazing Wedding Day!  Congrats again and thank you so much for letting us be a part of your day!!!


A special word of thanks to the Milltop Staff.  You guys are amazing!  Brides & Grooms are beautifully taken care of all day, guests are treated like guests and even the Photographers get the best of your care!  Seriously, You Guys Rock!!!

(Matthew Doudt Photography) indianapolis brides indianapolis wedding photography industrial makeup milltop milltop banquet & conference center nascar wedding noblesville noblesville weddings rustic tricycle race wedding airbrush makeup wedding dog wedding dress Sat, 03 Feb 2018 18:02:44 GMT
Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Katie & Justin | St Barnabas | Fountain Square Theater Katie & Justin

November 11th, 2017

St Barnabas Catholic Church

Fountain Square Theater

Its a Wrap!  We finished up 2017 with our 30th Wedding and it was Awesome!  It was a chilly day in Indianapolis but that didn't matter at all.  Katie & Justin were all in 100% and wanted to make the most of their day, including a good length session with the wedding party downtown Indianapolis... outside!!

We started the day with makeup, hair and a little flower girl drama!  It was a super relaxed morning with the ladies and later with the guys just hanging out, shooting pictures while everyone got ready.  Once we left for the church, things picked up quickly with Katie's amazing dress, flowers, pictures of the guys/girls separately and then a beautiful ceremony.

After Four Large families of pictures we headed downtown in a party bus for some chilly but crazy fun outdoor pictures and then off to the reception at one of our favorite venues, The Fountain Square Theater!  Marquee, Rooftop and then a stunning vintage ballroom!

There's lots more to say and unfortunately we had to cut our post in half because it wouldn't all fit but there will be more pictures coming as we get everything edited.  What we did want to say was a huge thanks to Katie & Justin for just being awesome clients.  It was the perfect wedding to end our season, raise our glasses and toast to an unbelievable 2017!

(Matthew Doudt Photography) catholic wedding cold wedding day fall indianapolis wedding fountain square theater indiana war memorial indianapolis catholic weddings indianapolis wedding photographer indianapolis wedding photography indy wedding photography makeup rooftop saint barnabas wedding airbrush makeup wedding dress wedding party throwing leaves Sun, 26 Nov 2017 23:49:36 GMT
Indianapolis Indian Wedding Photography | Hindu Temple of Central Indiana | Uma & Shankar Uma & Shankar

October 29th, 2017

Hindu Temple of Central Indiana

At the top of my bucket list for Wedding Photography for some time has been an Indian Wedding.  I'm a huge fan of color and from everything I knew, Hindu Weddings were bathed in rich amazing color!  The only question was how to connect with a couple when you've never shot a Hindu wedding before!

Uma called based on a referral from a friend and insisted that I was the one who was supposed to shoot their wedding.  Only problem... I was flying to England that day and my heart just sank.  As we continue to chat, we realized that her wedding would be finished hours before my plane left... leaving me the beautiful opportunity to be with them and still make it to England!

I'll be forever thankful for how kind she and Shankar were with me.  We sat on Purdue's campus and talked all about a ceremony I knew nothing about.  They sent me videos and other pictures to prepare me, we shot some Engagement pictures a couple days before and then on the day of the wedding literally every person there helped me to not miss a thing.  

I LOVE these guys!  Seriously amazing people and their ceremony was a dream for me to shoot.  It was literally 6 hours of an entirely brand new experience nothing like a traditional protestant wedding.  I found myself never putting down my camera and by the end of our short day together, I was physically exhausted but so full!

Thank you Uma & Shankar!  Here's about just a few of your pictures.  The rest are coming down the road but I'm so excited to share these with you!  Blessings to you both!

Engagement/Family Shoot

Wedding Day

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Avon Gardens Wedding | Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Lisa and Adam Lisa & Adam

October 28th, 2017

Avon Gardens, Avon Indiana

When you shoot a wedding day well, the pictures can tell the story all by themselves.  What you're gonna see here is laughter, smiles and an overwhelming sense of joy!  If there's a word for an adult version of silliness, there was quite a bit of that happening too!

We met Lisa and Adam because they wanted to have their wedding at Avon Gardens and we LOVE shooting at Avon Gardens.  We shot their Engagement shoot at Eagle Creek on a chilly morning and they killed it so there was no reason to not believe they were up for the challenge of an October Indiana Outdoor Wedding!  It was cold... and yes, they killed it!  Guests arrived in coats and blankets and these guys just smiled and laughed right through it.  Great family, friends and the most amazing 5 wedding dogs ever!!  Enjoy the pictures!!  I had to delete so many I wanted to post because there's a size limit for blogs!  Lots more coming down the road!