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June 10th, 2017

Trinity Church

Delaware Township Community Center

Whew!  What a great day we had with Mikayla and Justin!  Makeup, Photography, Multiple Venue Changes, an AMAZING DRESS and then... one of the

Best Choreographed Wedding Party Dances we've ever seen!

Tons of Great Pictures Here!  



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Stephanie & Phil | Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Noblesville Engagement Session Stephanie & Phil

Noblesville Engagement

Downtown Noblesville

Copper Still

If I remember correctly Stephanie who works for NASCAR and lives in North Carolina found us via Instagram.  She and Phil are getting married in January of 2018 at The Milltop Banquet & Conference Center in Noblesville.  Since their Wedding Day might be a tad bit cold, we had a fantastic Spring Engagement Session running around Noblesville with the cutest little puppy in tow!  Makeup, Photography & Tons of Smiles made for the Perfect Night!

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Sydney & Matt | Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Milltop Banquet and Conference Center

Sydney & Matt

May 28th, 2017

Milltop Banquet & Conference Center

We have loved every moment of knowing Sydney, Matt and their Families!  I honestly can't remember who connected with us first but we've shot pictures with them several different ways and just adore them all.  What a great day we spent together at the Milltop.  

Sydney is a fantastic communicator and planner and working together with her on this Wedding Day was a Dream.  She kept telling us new things that just made us smile and even sometimes giggle.  We couldn't wait for the day to arrive and it came together beautifully.  

It was a huge honer and blessing to be with everyone and we're excited to share a sneak peak of your day with you!  LOTS MORE TO COME!!!




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Sarah & Danny | Indianapolis Wedding Photography | Zyntango Farms Sarah & Danny Piedmonte

May 27th, 2017

Zyntango Farms, Whitestown, IN

Its always a good day when you get the spend an entire day at a Barn Wedding!  Especially when its been raining for weeks and suddenly we have a Beautiful Day!  We love shooting at Zyntango!

Hope you enjoy a little piece of Sarah and Danny's Day!

What A Beautiful Day!  Thanks so much for letting us be a part of it!!!

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Perkins Family | Noblesville Family Photography | Indianapolis Family Photography | Potter's Bridge Perkins Family

We've known the Perkins family for years and have had an awesome couple of years taking pictures of their girls.  Abby has worked with us this last year and did a great job connecting us with her friends so this Family shoot was important to us and to them!  Its really meaningful to us when people go out of their way to help our business grow and the Perkins family has been a huge blessing!  Enjoy their smiles... there's lots of them!


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Rachel & Gage | Indianapolis Engagement Photography | Cedar Creek Winery & Brew Co Rachel & Gage - Engagment

Cedar Creek Winery & Brew Co


We had the Best Evening connecting with Rachel & Gage for their Engagement Pics.  We found a new place we love at Cedar Creek Winery & Brew Co and honestly, we could have shot for another 2 hours if the Sun hadn't gone down.  These guys and this place are both Stunning!

Since you have to wait an entire year for their Wedding Pictures, here's an grand collection of Engagement Pics to hold you over!

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Claire & Jay | Indianapolis Wedding Photography | St Pius X | The Willows Claire & Jay Holt

May 26th, 2017

St Pius X - Indianapolis

The Willows 

Our connection with Jay & Claire started years ago at a chance meeting on Easter Sunday.  Shooting their Wedding is a testimony to the power of Facebook Friendships because we stayed connected this entire time with zero further physical contact until 3 days before their wedding where we hashed out the details!

Their day started at the Willows where everyone got ready!

Then is was time for their First Look!

These pictures should convince everyone to do a First Look!!  


Then we shot a few fun and family pictures before heading to the Church.

Time for a Wedding at Saint Pius X, Indianapolis

Seriously one of the most beautiful ceremonies I've ever attended!

Then off in the Thunderbird and back to the Willows!

What a Great Day with you Guys!  Congrats and Thanks Again for hanging with us for years!  We hope you love these as much as we loved being a part of your day!


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Lindsey & Adam | Columbus, Indiana Engagement | Indianapolis Engagements We Love Shooting Engagements!

Lindsey and Adam invited us to come visit their home in Columbus and then we toured around the city and countryside shooting some Engagement Pics until it was literally pitch dark!  

Great evening just getting to know them and seeing a bit more of Columbus.  

We found some really awesome new spots to shoot!

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Kelly & Chris | Indianapolis Downtown Wedding | North Church & Sahm's Atrium Kelly and Chris Cook

Saturday May 13th, 2017

Embassy Suites, Indianapolis

North Church, Indianapolis

Sahm's Atrium, One America Building

We started our day with the ladies at Embassy Suites, downtown Indianapolis for Makeup!

If you know us, we love shooting detail shots!

We love it when Brides and Grooms share gifts with each other.  

Some things are purchased and some things are created... both have a huge impact!

Love it when we can easily get between the guys and girls for pictures!

Time to get in the Dress!

Headed to the Church for a few more pictures prior to the Ceremony!

Its Time and Its What We've Been Waiting For!!


Off to the Reception... but first a few more pictures Downtown Indy!

And Now its Time for The Party!!

From our first meeting with Kelly and Chris just a few days after a Bridal Show we knew we were right for each other.  We love it when we just click and so thankful that they choose us to capture their Wedding Day.  Our Engagement Shoot was a tad bit chilly so we were incredibly thankful that we had a beautiful day for their Wedding!!  

After a Day like this there's only one place better... Paris!!!

Enjoy Your Honeymoon!!!


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Ashley & Josh | Destination Weddings | El Dorado Royale, Riviera Maya, Mexico Ashley & Josh Kolbus

May 10th, 2017

Destination Wedding Day - El Dorado Royale, Riviera Maya, Mexico

After several days of hanging out pool side, small parties and dinners, it was finally the Wedding Day!  We moved from our luxury adults only location at El Dorado Royale just down the beach to the Generations Pier for the day.  

The ladies got a beautiful swim out suite to get ready in...

While Jen is busy doing makeup, I'm always shooting details!  I love the details!!

The Guys arrived already dressed so we met at the Pier for some Pictures.  At one point the wind grabbed Josh's vows and blew them away.  We chased them down... but it was breezy for sure!


Back to help the Ladies get finished up with pictures and get Ashley into her dress ...

Special stuff for Dad...

Everyone's Ready, The Guests are Arriving - Its Time for A Wedding!!

Here's Comes The Bride!

While everyone enjoyed some cocktails down the beach, we grabbed Ashley & Josh for more pictures!

They staff quickly flipped the Pier and we had an instant Reception!

Cake Cutting was about the last tame thing of the evening... then things got Crazy Fun!

What followed was 3 solid hours of non-stop dancing!

By the End of the Evening, everyone was exhausted and drenched!  It was such a great night.  As much fun as any Wedding we've ever shot and the entire day we felt like family!

There's a huge blessing in a Destination Wedding.  Everyone had been together for days prior to the Wedding Day so when it came time to just celebrate, it was a non-stop celebration.  By far the most high energy wedding we've ever been a part of.  We can't thank Ashley and Josh enough for investing in us and treating us like friends and guests the whole week.  We have 3 days worth of pictures for them and we're shooting a reception back in Indy in a couple weeks.  Jen and I got a little luxury vacation and a collection of new friends, memories and pictures we will cherish forever!

Thanks Guys!  This is just a small sample...!


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Natalie & Tyler | Indianapolis Barn Wedding | May 6th, 2017 Natalie & Tyler Madere

May 6th, 2017

The Barn at Kennedy Farm, Lizton, IN

Our day with Natalie and Tyler started at Natalie's Childhood Home.  We love hanging out in homes in the morning while Makeup and Hair are going on.  Its just the best time to start getting to know people and especially the Moms!  Food, Mimosas and always lots of smiles!

While the Ladies finished up at the house, we connected with the guys early at the Barn for some pictures and general goofing around... and some drinks!

Everyone started arriving and it was time for flowers, love notes and getting into that dress!

We LOVE The Barn at Kennedy Farm.  It is just Gorgeous!

Time for The First Look, Some Kissing and a Final Prayer before the Wedding!

It had been raining for two weeks and while it kindly stopped for the day, it was still one of the windiest weddings we've ever been a part of!  Still... it didn't rain!!! Hallelujah!!

We took a quick break before the Ceremony to shoot some more pictures!

Then time to put on our Reception Shoes and get to some BBQ and Dancing!

Call it the End or Call it the Beginning... either way the night ended perfectly!!!

Jen and I had the best time shooting this wedding.  Such beautiful and warm people.  Guests who treated us like family and one of the most Gorgeous Venues we get to shoot at Regularly!

Congrats Natalie & Tyler!  Can't wait for another date night with you guys!!

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Ashley & Josh | Indianapolis Destination Weddings | El Dorado Royale, Riviera Maya, Mexico We're In Mexico Shooting a Wedding!!!

So honored that Ashley & Josh wanted to take us along on their Riviera Maya Destination Wedding!  

We're at the amazing, all inclusive, adults only El Dorado Royale!

Everyone arrived on Monday. Tuesday is a fun, relaxing day with a rehearsal dinner in the evening.  

The Wedding is on Wednesday!

Here's some pictures from the Opening Cocktail Reception Monday Night!

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Tianna & Kaelan | Noblesville Engagement Photography | Indianapolis Engagements We have been talking with Tianna for well over a year about her 2018 Wedding.  From our first meeting at Starbucks over a year ago to last week when we shot their Engagement Pictures she's had one focus.  She wanted US to take her pictures no matter what!

We had an amazing evening running around Noblesville and Shooting Pictures at Sunset!  These guys are precious!  Give their gallery some love.  We can't wait for their June 2018 Wedding!

]]> (Matthew Doudt Photography) 2018 Indianapolis Weddings Bridge Cute Couple Engagement DJI Downtown Drone Drone Wedding Photography Indianapolis Engagement Photography Indianapolis Wedding Photography MavicPro Nature Noblesville Sunset glasses Sat, 06 May 2017 12:39:45 GMT
Natalie & Tyler | Indianapolis Engagement | Getting Married! We shot Natalie & Tyler's Engagement Pictures all the way back in July of 2016 but that was before we were blogging our Engagement Shoots.  So, since they're getting Married Tomorrow, I figured we should give them an awesome shout out today on their final day of single life!

We love these guys.  We had them over for dinner last week and we chatted over the details of their Wedding Day while eating Chinese and drinking wine.  We couldn't be more excited about their Wedding tomorrow!

We tried hard to have a Beautiful Sunrise Engagement Session but it rained early and so we got a late start at Eagle Creek Reservoir.  The morning turned out amazing anyway and the pictures are stunning!

Be looking for a Blog from the Wedding Day coming soon but here's some stuff to get you excited for tomorrow!

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2017 Spring Seniors We've been having a blast finishing up some edits and picture orders for our 2017 Seniors as well as continuing to shoot some additional sessions.  We love teenagers... yup, we have them and love them!

In all honesty, some of our most favorite people are teenagers and that's why we love shooting Senior Sessions so much.  Here's just a few of the awesome kids we've been working with on sessions and editing projects!


Delaney - Heritage Christian


Jake - Noblesville


Lauren & Katie - Heritage Christian

Rachel - Noblesville

Tanner - Lawrence North

Elliott, Grace, Abby & Kassidy - Noblesville 2017 Reps

As we say Goodbye to them and welcome several of our new 2018 Reps!

Say Hey to Katie, Cortney & Hannah

We've got a great group of 2018 Seniors from Noblesville and these are just three of them!

We're finalizing our lists for all our 2018 Reps and so excited about the coming year!

We LOVE shooting High School Seniors and hope you'll send all your friends our way!

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Katie & Luke | Noblesville - Indianapolis, IN Wedding Photography | March 26th, 2017 Luke & Katie Hall

The Barn at Kennedy Farm

March 26th, 2017

Its ALWAYS an Amazing Wedding Day when we get to spend it with friends.  We've known and loved the Hall Family for  a long time and how awesome that we got to be there capturing the day when Katie joined the family!!

We started off the day at the Hall Home with Breakfast, Hair and Makeup!


We LOVE Shooting the Details!



Off to The Barn at Kennedy Farm for the rest of the Wedding Day!

Finally some time with the guys!



The Ladies finish getting ready in The Tower!



Time for the First Look!



First Look means Family Pictures prior to the Ceremony!



Just a few more details then its Go Time!



The Most Amazing Makeup Artists Ever!!!



Here's Comes the Bride!



How about some Portraits!



Party Time - Dinner, Toasts, Cake and Dancing!


We Love an Old Fashion Soda Can Draggin Get-Away!

Thanks Luke & Katie for inviting us into your Wedding Day.  We loved every moment including the amazing BBQ!!  It was so awesome to be doing our thing yet simultaneously feeling like family & guests!

Bless You Both!  We Love You Guys!

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Katie & Justin | Indianapolis Engagement Photography | April 17th, 2017 We LOVE Engagement Sessions - Actually Believe They Are Essential!

We try our best to encourage every Wedding Couple to hang out with us for an evening and shoot some Engagement Pictures.  For us its as much about Relationship as it is anything else.  Sure it gives us a chance for a trial run makeup and some practice with the camera and posing but more than anything it helps us show up on Wedding Days as Friends.  Not much more awkward than showing up to shoot a 12 hr Wedding having never met the Groom before!  

So, as much as we can, we try and arm twist (Ha!) every couple into an Engagement Session.  Even the guys who would rather be cleaning the bathroom usually end up loving our time together.  Fun, laid back and evening filled with laughs, smiles and kisses!

We got to do just this with Katie and Justin last week.  What a beautiful evening shooting around Noblesville.  Jen did a trial run with Katie's makeup and it looked so awesome that Justin's Mom is coming for an appointment this weekend!  We love these guys and its awesome when we get to invite a couple to our home, hang out during makeup and then spend a couple hours shooting around town!

It will make a huge difference on Wedding Day!

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Sarah & Bryan | Carmel Wedding Makeup & Photography | March 25th, 2017 We LOVE Multi-Venue Wedding Days because of the wealth of pictures we can take.  

This amazing day with Sarah and Bryan gave us Everything We Love!  

We started the day early in the morning with Makeup, Hair and Photography at the home of Sarah's Hair Dresser.  

What a beautiful home - perfect for pictures and just hanging out at the start of the day!

Meanwhile the Guys were gathering at the Church

Carmel United Methodist Church

Yes... My finger is bleeding and won't stop... might be a problem!

We spend a good amount of time running back and forth between "What's Happening!"  Thankful for a team of Photographers because covering an entire Wedding Solo is an impossible task!

Guys and Girls Prepare in Different Ways!

First Look with Dad and a Few Pre-Ceremony Portraits

Its Time to Get Married!

A Fake Get-a-Way then back to the church for more pictures!

The Off to The Palladium for Some Fun Wedding Party Shenanigans!

We were about out of "Limo Time" so heading to the Reception at the Ritz Charles!

Ritz Charles

Proof that Sarah Started It!

Speeches, Dinner, Drinking, Live Band & Dancing and More Dancing!  

That's Pretty much how the rest of the night went!

Congrats to Sarah & Bryan Amshoff!  

Your Entire Gallery has about 1000 more amazing pictures!

We LOVED our Day With You!!!

Thanks for Choosing US to Capture it for You!

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Jeanette & Marc | Indianapolis Wedding Photography & Makeup | April 22nd 2017 Its a new Season of Weddings and we're going to commit to start Blogging them as quickly as we can this year.  We have a few backlogged that we'll get to but no better time to start than the present and this weekend's Wedding with Jeanette and Marc was awesome!  

We started our day with Makeup at the Indianapolis Marriott North.  Jen and Faith did a stunning job with 7 faces of Airbrush Makeup.  One of the best things about hiring us for makeup is that you get several more hours of Photography included at no extra charge!!  We love Wedding Makeup and the extra Photography time it allows!


We hung out a bit with the guys before the Limo ride to the church!  These are always some of the best times!


Oh shoot... that letter I was supposed to write!  Ha ha!

A Little Bit of Relaxing Before the Ceremony!

St Elizabeth Seaton in Carmel is a Stunning Church and we celebrated a full Catholic Mass Wedding!

One of our Fav Pictures!!

And then a Beautiful Bubble Send Off!!!  - We Love Wedding Bubbles!!!

We hopped into the Limo and headed to Central Park in Carmel for some Wedding Party Pictures!

Including some Drone Shots!

Wedding Drone Photography, Aerial Wedding Photography, Drone, Central Park, Carmel

Then to the Indianapolis Marriott North for the Reception

Congrats to Jeanette & Marc Hedlund!

We Loved Being Part of Your Day!

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